Top Handmade Picnic Baskets And Accessories To Match

With winter (finally) drawing to a close and spring subtly sliding in, outdoor activities are bound to pick up steam. And what better way to spend one of these lovely sunny days outside than to go for a picnic? Pack everything you need, stuff you kids, your dog and your significant other into the car and set off for the nearest glade! The anticipation of that much needed day trip, the yummy food and the happiness of laying on a blanket… are you picturing the moment yet? Good. Now start making it all happen! Below you’ll find 3 of the most stunning handmade picnic baskets on Etsy, along with two picnic essentials you’ll be grateful to have brought along. Let the fun begin:

1. Hand Woven Basket by AgaArtFactory

1 Hand woven basket

This romantic basket is so pretty that it looks like it came straight out of a painting! Entirely hand made from Polish wicker and truly one-of-a-kind (OOAK), it boasts a beautiful floral fabric that gives it a stunning appearance. And it’s not all about the looks: it also has a roomy interior, which is revealed by pulling up the two lids on the top. Needless to say, it’ll fit everything you need and more! It has a rigid construction, so you need not fear that the things you stack inside will topple over. Visit the original listing for exact dimensions and other details.

Available from AgaArtFactory

2. Picnic Basket by CROmART

2 Picnic basket

Whoa – stunning, isn’t it? This eco picnic basket is braided out of willow twigs, then hand painted and decorated. Its lovely cream and lavender scheme help it stand out easily in a crowd or… on the grass! The top flaps are embellished with lavender flowers made using the decoupage technique, while the center handle carries a color-coordinated trio of paper roses. Finally, the base ties into the lavender theme with its matching hue. The basket is treated only with eco-friendly water-based paints, which are non-toxic, waterproof and child safe. Sounds divine! Read more about it in the link above.

Available from CROmART

3. Wicker Picnic Basket by BirchBarkEco

3 Wicker Picnic Basket

Wow, just wow: If you’re looking for a more interesting take on the picnic basket shape, here is your match! Perfect for taking along on a picnic, but also to keep at home as a unique storage or décor item, this charming basket cannot be overlooked. Hand woven from birch bark (a natural, antibacterial material), this basket will preserve your food and keep its aroma and freshness alive. Plus, birch bark is soft and warm to the touch, so it’s a source of positive vibes. The basket also has a very stylish and particular look, while being lightweight and comfortable to carry around. For more details about the product, check out the direct link above.

Available from BirchBarkEco

4. Cutlery Case by TELANDO

4 Cutlery case

If you’ve ever enjoyed a meal outdoors, you know the struggle that comes with packing and carrying cutlery, especially when it’s time to head back home. Luckily, this simple yet effective accessory will make your picnic life THAT much easier. It closes by rolling the cord, so it can fit any number of items snugly. Not just that, but it’s made out of cotton, so it’ll be super easy to clean in the washing machine. For more details on the product, refer above.

Available from TELANDO

5. Linen Blanket by SproutLinen

5 Linen Blanket

Finally, the most essential piece to any picnic-goer… A nice, reliable blanket is simply a must, and this one covers all the bases. Hand made out of a mix of 45% linen and 55% cotton, this one is super soft, yet thick and durable. Lightweight and big enough for the whole family, the blanket can accompany you and your loved ones on as many adventures as you dare. Take it with you to the beach, to the park or just to the backyard… it’ll be great for laying down anytime, anywhere. And yes: it’s available in more than just one color. Beside green (pictured above), you can also opt for yellow and purple. Which one will it be? ;)

Available from SproutLinena

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores