5 Amazing Handmade Pen Stand Listings On Etsy

We know, we know…, you may not instantly be smitten at the thought of a new handmade pen stand. After all, this type of desk accessory can easily be overlooked in the grand scheme of things (desktop/laptop, huge pile of disorderly papers, empty coffee cups etc).


Having all of your writing utensils neatly organized in one spot can be so gratifying! You’ll fell better about yourself. You’ll feel that your entire life is in order. You’ll feel productive, even. And who could possible say no to such an opportunity? :)

That’s not all…

A spanking new handmade pen stand can also bring along a dash of color, a sprinkle of greenery or a modern, unusual texture. And who will have the most charming work desk of all time? You will!

Keep reading to uncover the options:

1. Pen Holder Glass Terrarium by NojaGlassDesign

1 Pen Holder Glass Terrarium

There’s nothing like giving your eyes a break from continuously staring into the screen and switching over to greener sights. Especially when said green sight is conveniently placed on your desk. This charming glass terrarium doubles as a neat pen holder, helping you keep all of your favorite writing tools in a single, lush and delightful ensemble. This 2-in-1 accessory is the ultimate modern office decoration and will fit seamlessly into any working environment. It is hand crafted using 2 mm clear glass and it is available in 3 finishes: black, silver and copper. Now all you have to do is pick your fave! Find its listing via the link above.

Available from NojaGlassDesign

2. The Planter – Handmade Walnut Wood Pen and Succulent Holder by DudekModernGoods

2 The Planter

This ultra-sleek pen and succulent holder boasts a very particular charm. Its solid, geometric shape serves as a fitting base for bringing together your favorite small plant (a succulent, a cactus or an air plant), plus your top 9 favorite writing instruments – roomy! The Planter, as it is fittingly named, is hand made out of solid walnut and finished in satin polyurethane for protection. The holder comes with a stainless steel planting dish, which you can use to hold the plant. A word of advice? When watering it, remember to wipe off any water drops in order to avoid staining. Finally, know that the holder is available in either one of the two hole dimensions: 3 x 5/8″ holes or all 1/2″ holes. Which one will you choose? More info can be found in the link above.

Available from DudekModernGoods

3. Wooden Pen Holder, Cut And Decorated By Hand, Small Version by Woodncut

3 Wooden pen holder cut and decorated by hand small version

How beautiful! Make a statement when storing your absolute favorite writing utensil! This lovely small pen holder from Wood&Cut will bring you a feeling of joy every time you look at it, thanks to its stop-and-stare color. Cut and painted by hand, each one of these small holders is unique. Wood&Cut specializes in colorful wooden ornaments, so you can expect to discover many more irresistible items in their shop. Click above to start browsing and watch out for the bigger versions of this pen holder.

Available from Woodncut

4. Leather Pen Holder by boodoByTamarNix

4 leather penholder

You don’t get to see many leather pen holders around, so this adorable one is extra-special. The boodo by Tamar Nix Etsy shop showcases a love for creating luxurious products. Focusing on transforming premium materials into exceptional forms and compositions, this is a shop that you don’t want to miss out on. And doesn’t this innovative, foldable pen holder illustrate all of the above! Made from the highest quality genuine leather, it also comes with free shipping so now’s the ideal time to snap it up! Head over to the link above.

Available from boodoByTamarNix

5. Concrete Pencil Holder by ConcWoodStreet

5 Concrete Pencil Holder

ConcWoodStreet is a relatively new Etsy shop that brings concrete craftsmanship to a whole new level. A quick browse through the incredibly sleek and polished product offering will be enough to leave you wanting concrete EVERYTHING. Available in four different colors (black, grey, red and white), this concrete pencil holder is the perfect accessory for your office desk. And you can also put it to good use around the house as a paint brush holder, make-up brush holder or even a toothbrush holder. Get creative with it! Its simple, geometric outlines make it impressively versatile and suitable for every room of your house. Ok now, go check out its listing.

Available from ConcWoodStreet

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores