Hunting For Unique Handmade Paperweights

Granted: getting a paperweight might not be the first thing on your office supply list. However, after reading this article, you’ll want to secure one ASAP. Why, you ask? Because, in this day and age, paperweights are transforming into something more than just random heavy items that keep papers from flying away. Creative, uplifting and utterly charming, the contemporary paperweights listed below will brighten your days with their witty shapes, oversized dimensions or intriguing mix of textures. Mini works of art in their own right, they’ll give you a quick inspiration boost whenever you need it most. Look around:

1. Gold Home Decor by UrbanTradingPost

1 Gold Home Decor

A unique conversation starter, these jacks make for a stand-out décor element. And, as expected, their well-known shape will add an elaborate, geometric and slightly nostalgic touch to your environment. Hand finished in retro gold paint, these childhood classics look positively grown-up and sophisticated. As they are made of heavy cast iron, the two jacks can be used not just as paperweights, but also as sculptural accents, doorstops or bookends. The possibilities are pretty much endless when it comes to decorating your office or home! Needless to say, they would make excellent gifts for décor enthusiasts who are always on the lookout for fun pieces. Sharing is caring! Find them above.

Available from UrbanTradingPost

2. Flying Pig Figurine by juxtapositionsc

2 Flying Pig Figurine

Lending physical meaning to the old “When pigs fly” saying, this adorable figurine will effortlessly lighten up your mood! Made of cast iron and hand painted in pink and gold, the pig boasts a distressed look that gives it a graunchy flair. Aren’t its tiny golden wings the cutest things ever? :) The same flying pig is also available in pure white, instead of pink – look for it in the shop! And, if you’re interested in a different color or if you need more than one piece, you can convo the seller for details. The final word? Awesome!

Available from juxtapositionsc

3. Iridescent Black Pyramid by BalsamrootGlass

3 Iridescent Black Pyramid

This fabulous pyramid paperweight will change and shift whenever you shake it, revealing new treasures every time. Inside, a one-of-a-kind combination of marbles, glass beads, buttons and charms sits on a bed of white sand and black microbeads. The outside of the pyramid is composed of 2 pieces of clear glass, 1 piece of iridescent black baroque glass and 1 piece of clear textured water glass. Heavy enough to hold papers in place, this fun paperweight will make for a unique, ever-shifting sight on your desktop landscape. Sounds like something you’d enjoy? Check it out via the link above.

Available from BalsamrootGlass

4. Funny Paperweight by OlanderEarthworks

4 Funny Paperweight

Ok, there’s only one word to describe this: stunning! Oozing dynamic fun, this unique head is quite the statement piece with its amused slash curious slash doubting expression. The head can rest on a number of flat spots, so you can point it at anything and anyone. And, just like humans, it does best in a social environment. Its makers, OlanderEarthworks, have a bunch of other faces with expressions that are just as charming. Of course, they look wildly cool together! A couple or more of these would team up into a super fun, yet totally appropriate office prop. The classic and timeless grey version will suit most environments, but other hues are also available. Red, terra cotta or mustard are the other options you can choose from. For more details about the piece and how to choose the right color, check out the product listing.

Available from OlanderEarthworks

5. Concrete Diamond by IndustrialRepublic

5 Concrete Diamond

If a paperweight that doubles as a jewelry stand makes your heart sing, then this handmade concrete diamond will be perfect for you! Hey, you can even turn it upside down on one of its faces, if so you choose, and have it lying around as a minimalistic geometric sculpture. A wonderful, functional piece! And it gets better when it comes to color choices: the diamond is available in white, light gray, gray, dark gray, black or marbled concrete (4 shades of gray mixed together). Each one is carefully hand made and has a colorless and nontoxic final coating that prevents deterioration and keeps the cement from eroding away. Now check it out in all its splendor at the link above.

Available from IndustrialRepublic

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores