Handmade Office Desk Accessories That’ll Make Your Workday Sweeter

Whether you’re working from home or from an actual office, having your desk all set up in a welcoming and efficient way is key. And, no matter if you prefer decorating your work area with playful (but functional) items and with cups full of crayons or if you appreciate something clean and minimalistic, we’ve got just the things for you!

Ahead, we rounded up the 5 coolest handmade office desk accessories you could possibly dream of. And the best part? There’s something for your every need: a wooden laptop stand, a fantastic paperweight, a business card holder and a couple of other items are all waiting to be discovered – we’re not spoiling everything now! ;) Start browsing here:

1. Ceramic Pencil Holder by noemarin


This handmade pencil holder is adorable in its simplicity! The playful pink and white stripes are a reference to the kawaii style, while the clean shape is inspired by the Scandinavian aesthetic. Such a cool blend of two worlds! This ceramic cup is really soft to the touch and the colors are brilliant – perfect to liven up any office space. Fill it with your favorite writing utensils or colored pencils and you’ll have yourself an adorable, yet functional desk decoration. The cup is high quality and also very resistant and durable. For more details about the product or the shop, head on to the link above.

Available from noemarin

2. Laptop Stand made of Wood by Stood

2 a Laptop Stand made of Wood

This lightweight, eco-friendly laptop stand might be just the natural touch your desk needed! While reminding you to adopt a more comfortable and healthier position while working, it will also solve a few common problems for laptop users. The stand will lift your laptop off the surface of the desk, thus guarding it from spills and helping with ventilation slash overheating issues. Made in Europe using FSC certified European beech wood, the product also comes with a useful silicon band and 4 round laptop stickers for free. You also get to choose between 2 sizes: “slim” and “big boned”. Head on to the original listing for dimensions and more details.

Available from Stood

3. Vegan Gold Metallic Wallet by AlloftheAbovely

3 Vegan Gold metallic wallet

Show off your business cards in style at the office or on the road with this stunning metallic wallet! Made of vinyl, it has a soft leather appearance and a gold metallic sheen. A subtle golden stud holds it together and makes the final product look effortlessly stylish. Great for business cards or, why not, even for small items like cash or keys, if you’re on the go. So nice! Check out the original listing above.

Available from AlloftheAbovely

4. Concrete Diamond by PASiNGA

4 Concrete Diamond

A superb paperweight or decoration for any office, this large concrete diamond is sure to add a dash of style to your environment. It can stand alone, on top of a pile of notes and even on a shelf, separating books. And, if you’re feeling fancy, it can even serve as a jewelry holder. Its geometric, minimalistic silhouette was hand cast in individually crafted moulds. The diamond is made of concrete which was not painted or waxed, giving the finished product some unique textures (such as voids or cracks) and a raw color character. The product comes signed and you can order it by following the link above.

Available from PASiNGA

5. Fish Keyboard Wrist Rest Office Gift by SimSisters

5 Fish Keyboard Wrist Rest Office Gift

Perfect for yourself or as a gift to your favorite coworker, this wrist rest is, undoubtedly, one of the most the original office accessories out there! It supports your hands while you type on your keyboard, all while looking impossibly fun and jolly. It is basically a 19″ pillow in the shape of a (whimsically patterned) fish, making it a super cool item to help you with your typing routine. And there are many more animal shapes to choose from! Check out the links in order to purchase the fish or to browse the shop’s full selection.

Available from SimSisters

Happy shopping!

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores