The 5 Most Beautiful Handmade Necklaces On Etsy

Searching for handmade necklaces on Etsy can be a love-hate adventure.

On the one side, you enjoy digging (and conveniently getting lost) through thousands of eye-catching listings. On the other side… it can be so hard to make up your mind and choose a definite favorite!

So here’s what: we’re making it easier for you to narrow down the list. We did the heavy lifting and scoured Etsy for some of the most eye-catching pieces so that you can just kick-back, relax and enjoy the visuals! From dainty minimalist designs to glamorous statement necklaces, you’re sure to find at least one necklace to madly fall in love with. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Oh, and do bookmark this page so you can get back to it as many times as you have to. ;)

Dive right in:

1. Michaella Necklace by CONTOURstudio

1 Michaella Necklace

What a stunner! This gorgeous necklace comes from CONTOUR, a handmade jewelry label with a focus on clean, minimalistic designs. Inspired by architecture and crisp city landscapes, their pieces all have precise, geometric contours which are striking in their simplicity. And the amazing Michaella gold collar necklace is no different. Stylish, sophisticated and lightweight, this is the special piece your jewelry box has been longing for. Just imagine wearing it on a night out. Or any other occasion really. It is available in both gold- and silver-plated brass, so you’ll still be left facing a tough decision. :) Click on the link above to make your pick.

Available from CONTOURstudio

2. Ageto Yellow Agate & Light Jade Statement Necklace by ColarabyME

2 Ageto Yellow Agate Light Jade Statement Necklace

In the market for a versatile necklace that you can wear throughout the day and straight into the night? Well, you may have just found your match! COLARA by ME Necklaces is a brand that focuses solely on unique handmade necklaces and brooches made from textile and natural stones. Wonderful, right? This particular necklace features yellow agate, white onyx and light green jade, all tied together with a matching rope. The result? A unique statement necklace that looks impossibly elegant, no matter what you pair it with. So sleek! Read more about it by clicking on the name above.

Available from ColarabyME

3. Silver Dot Necklace by StudioBALADI

3 silver dot necklace

Isn’t this the prettiest necklace you’ve ever laid eyes upon? Made from silver-plated brass, it is irregularly lined with subtle tiny dots, enhancing its refined and playful vibe. No doubt about it: this necklace is perfect if you enjoy wearing subtle jewelry with a twist. Effortlessly chic! Studio Baladi also offers it in the gold-plated brass version, so make sure to also take a look at that. You don’t want to miss out on the goodness! See the original listing in the link above.

Available from StudioBALADI

4. Rose Quartz Necklace by MiracleUA

4 Rose quartz necklace

This gorgeousness of a necklace is made by MiracleUA, a shop that focuses on statement jewelry made with semi-precious stones. And what stones! This particular necklace has three rose quartz gems at its center, which are offset by shells, hematites and glass beads. The result? An unbelievably intricate layered necklace that owes its beauty to the skilled juxtaposition of various textures, colors and shapes. Needless you say, you must click over and see all of the other pictures. Go now: the link to it is above.

Available from MiracleUA

5. Evil Eye Necklace-Matte Gold Plated Brass by yukabyguliz

5 Evil Eye Necklace

Another must-know shop for the minimalist souls out there: YUKA. This handcrafted silver jewelry brand places a strong emphasis on geometric shapes, while drawing its inspiration from nature. The result? Outstanding products like this delicate necklace. A stylized take on the classic evil eye symbolism, its pendant stands out thanks to the fine geometric contours. Modern in its interpretation and perfectly complimented by an exquisite chain, the pendant has a subtle, unique appearance that doesn’t go unnoticed. Click over to see the listing and do visit the entire shop! :)

Available from yukabyguliz

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores