Cute Handmade Moccasins For The Entire Family

Comfortable, chic and classically good-looking, moccasins are the kind of shoes that you will turn to season after season. Usually made out of leather and sometimes even coming in season-appropriate finishes, moccasins are versatile enough to get you through almost every type of weather. Chilly summer nights, long autumn days and early winters are just a few of the times when a pair of handmade moccasins will prove their versatility.

Not to mention that nowadays the joy of sporting a pair isn’t only reserved to grownups. Children’s moccasins are also available and are dedicated to parents who want their children to be comfy and look impossibly cute at all times. Below, five of the best types of handmade moccasins for sale on Etsy will provide you with cool options for both your baby and your significant other. Let’s go:

1. Handmade Leather Moccasins by SASSYBRASS

Let’s kick off the list with a fabulous pair of moccasins. Completely hand made and to your feet. Beautifully hand cut leather, hand sewn using waxed thread. Perfect to wear with or without socks and designed to fit exactly to your feet. Who doesn’t want some beautifully handmade moccasins? Sounds really nice, doesn’t it?

Flawless fit, handmade with love.

Available from SASSYBRASS

2. Sheepskin Slippers by IthacaSheepskin

These rustic moccasins are 100% handcrafted and feature top quality in the ideal solution for colder climates or seasons. They are made from highest grade from stoney (New Zealand) and shearling for the uppers (US – aviator) Feeling warm and cozy already, aren’t you? ;)

These are the type of slippers you buy and they last a life time. Thoughtfully crafted with love and care.

Available from IthacaSheepskin

3. Dusty Pink Leather Baby Moccasins by AnastasiyDesign

Onto the cute baby moccasins! Handmade moccasins for sale aren’t that hard to find in general, but picking out a beautiful and well-made pair for your baby can actually be quite tricky. Good thing these adorable dusty pink ones are all lined up for you! Handmade, gorgeous and super practical, these are the ideal option for any baby girl’s parents. These little moccasins will provide comfort, but they are also easy to put on and to take off. Not to mention, they’ll also stay on your child’s foot.  Find the link below.

Available from AnastasiyDesign

4. Grey Baby Fringe Moccasins by SemmelBabyShoes

Another pair of baby moccasins? Yes! Only this time, these wonderful grey ones would also be suitable for a baby boy. Hand made out of  genuine leather.

All you have to do now is pick the size (these moccasins come in 5 sizes suitable for babies and toddlers).  Click on for details.

Available from SemmelBabyShoes

5. SET of SIX+ Baby or Kids Custom Theme Birthday Party Moccasins Favors by FreeRangeMamaGifts

5 SET of SIX+ Baby or Kids Custom Theme Birthday Party Moccasins Favors

Ready for an avalanche of cuteness? This adorable set of custom made children’s moccasins are perfect for the little guests at your child’s party or get-together! A nice item to love and to wear long after the party ended, these would make a sweet keepsake – and a highly original one, too!

All the moccasins made by Free Range Mama are free-hand painted in NYC (no stencils and no tracing) and are available for babies, kids and adults. Magical, right? Feel free to click below to order or ask questions. And if you have a special idea in mind, the seller will love to partner with you in creating an unforgettable gift. :)

Available from FreeRangeMamaGifts

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