The Chicest Minimalist Jewelry On Etsy

There’s something about minimalist jewelry that can make anyone stop and stare.

The simple, unassuming shapes…

The straightforward designs…

The sheer elegance that is transmitted through the carefully constructed details…

Because, here’s the thing: with minimalist jewelry, you can’t take any shortcuts. The craftsmanship has to be spot-on, since everything is on display. What you see is what you get and this fact will become all the more clear as you admire the pieces round up below.

You’ll see precise lines, clear contours and impeccable finishes. From earrings to necklaces and everything in between, with these stunning pieces it’s ALL in the details. Prepare to be amazed.

1. Silver Bar Earrings With Brass Ball by AIRlab

1 Silver bar earrings with brass ball

Gorgeous, right? These dainty bar stud earrings can easily become your go-to piece for daily wear – they’ll work for each and every occasion! The earrings are made from sterling silver and boast a matte, textured finish that effortlessly makes them stand out. Each one has a brass ball soldered on top, giving the design a fun and fresh twist. They’ll make a wonderful gift for yourself or… for a loved one. Sweet! The seller welcomes custom orders, too. Check out the listing for more deets.

Available from AIRlab

2. Black & 18k Gold Circle Ring by MeanderWorks

2 Black 18k Gold Circle Ring

This eye-catching beauty of a ring is hand made out of recycled metals (.925 silver and 18k gold) and its design looks like something out of a minimalist’s dream! A thin band makes way for a simple circle which lays on top as if by magic. Each one is made out of different materials, too. The circle is crafted out of 18K gold, while the band is silver with a black patina. And here comes the coolest part: the black patina will fade away in time to reveal a rich steel gray luster. How long that takes will depend on the owner’s body chemistry. How awesome is that? Don’t answer. Just head to the original listing and keep browsing in awe! :)

Available from MeanderWorks

3. Gold Bangles Bracelet by PazitKeidarDesign

3 Gold Bangles Bracelet

This set of stackable bangles is proof that simple, minimalist jewelry can also be INSANELY elegant. Look at it! So sleek and chic! Part of the “Infinity” collection from PazitKeidarDesign, these handmade bangles are lightweight and versatile, so you can wear them anytime, anywhere. Not to mention, they also boast a very unique appearance thanks to their playful contours and sophisticated shine. Oh! And they are also available in silver. That’s right: there’s more where these came from. :) Head to the link above for the full description.

Available from PazitKeidarDesign

4. Silver Geometric Triangle Earrings by AgJc

4 Silver geometric triangle earrings

Irresistible is just the first word that characterizes these geometric silver earrings. They’re also graphical and impressively versatile. So much so that there’s more than one way to wear them. You can put them on in an either vertical or horizontal position – each will give you a different look. Nifty, right? You can choose between an oxidized and a brushed silver finish and you can also opt between different hook diameters. Click through the link above for more pictures and order details.

Available from AgJc

5. Minimalist Necklace by naturametallum

5 Minimalist Necklace

No minimalist jewelry round up would be complete without a stunning minimalist necklace, so here’s our pick. There’s something about the mix of exquisite materials, textures and colors that is, simply put, hypnotizing. Let’s see… hand-formed brass, blackened steel, raw steel and incense cedar wood come together as the hero pendants of this necklace, all boldly lined up on a luxurious black leather cord. Sleek does not even begin to describe how breathtaking the resulting composition looks! Do click over via the link above to read more about the materials and how they were manipulated to achieve this state of perfection. You’ll be missing out if you don’t.

Available from naturametallum

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores