Handmade Messenger Bags For Every Taste

Messenger bags have come a long way since their strictly utilitarian days.

However, one thing has stayed the same: the fact that they are an irreplaceable accessory for everyone who has bulky items to carry, but still keeps an eye on style.

Speaking of style… we’ve already done the hard work for you and rounded up some of the coolest handmade messenger bags out there. Take a look below:

1. Messenger Postman by VG24

1 Messenger Postman

Vitalina, the founder of VG24, creates unique leather accessories. Her offer ranges from wallets and belts to various types of bags, all of which are cut by hand.

Just check out this yellow messenger bag! It is crafted out of cotton and leather, rendering it both light and long lasting. Of course, the bag is spacious enough to fit everything in: a Macbook Air, a tablet and all the knickknacks you need. Plus, its color combination is quite the statement-maker, too! See the full listing via the link above.

Available from VG24

2. Leather Messenger Bag by bahandmadeleather

2 Leather messenger bag

What a beauty! B.A. create handmade leather bags with a vintage look and this messenger bag is just one of their stunning creations.

The bag is made from leather and finished with brass accessories, giving it a very particular appeal. It has a generous main compartment and a smaller, front pocket and everything closes with a magnetic clasp. Easy-peasy. Strong, durable and well-made this is just the type of bag that can accompany you on your adventures for years to come. For more details, go see its full listing – it’s well worth it!

Available from bahandmadeleather

3. Waxed canvas bag EMMA black by dorayaky

3 Waxed canvas bag EMMA black

Dorayaky is an independent brand that’s all about natural, durable and functional bags. Their products explore the connection between nature and the modern, urban lifestyle in the hope of creating something meaningful and environmentally friendly. Needless to say, the results are stunning!

Take a look at this black messenger bag: it’s created out of waxed canvas and fitted with leather straps and handles. The long strap is adjustable and removable, while the extra short handles allow you to just take it and go. If you head over to the original listing, you’ll learn more about the history of waxed canvas and why it’s such an incredible material for everyday use. Go, go, go!

Available from dorayaky

4. Messenger Bag by Rambag

4 Messenger Bag

Designed and hand crafted in London, this messenger bag from Rambag is the type of unique accessory that should be on every man’s shopping list. Its unique color can single-handedly elevate a look — simply amazing!

The body of the bag is crafted out of 3 mm industrial wool felt and assembled using pop rivets. The strap is made out of leather and wool felt and it fastens onto the bag with carabiners. You have 3 lengths to choose from: long cross-body, medium cross-body and short under arm. Which one will it be? Click over to formalize your decision!

Available from Rambag

5. Waxed Canvas Messenger Bag by metaphore

5 Waxed Canvas Messenger Bag

This versatile messenger bag from Metaphore will help you find your way through the urban jungle! Crafted out of waxed canvas in a stunning olive green hue, it is waterproof and suitable for 13″ laptops. The leather closures hide magnetic clasps on their back to ensure that you can open and close the main flap at a moment’s notice.

On the inside, the bag has 2 zippered compartments: a large one, spanning the entire length of the bag and a smaller one on the back panel. The brown lining complements the timeless character of olive green fabric perfectly. But if you’re more into black than green, you can opt for the other available colorway. Take your pick by following the link above.

Available from metaphore

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores