Woof! These Are The Perfect Handmade Leather Dog Collars

Unconditional love, countless hours of fun and eternal loyalty are just a few of the attributes that every dog owner knows and appreciates about their furry friend. They don’t say dogs are a man’s best friend for nothing, right?

So it may be high time to reward your pet for all these and more by picking up a fancy new collar that matches its unique personality. Luckily, thanks to the following curated selection of handmade leather dog collars, you’re already set with some fantastic, exotic and fun options. The best part? They’re all customizable. Regardless if your dog is a Jack Russell, a Pug or a Great Dane, you’re sure to find a size which fits. Start browsing:

1. DTB Mutt Tie – Leather Dog Collar by DTBros

1 DTB Mutt Tie

Are. You. Ready? We’re kicking off this handmade leather dog collars roundup with a simple and sleek design that has the power to withstand the test of time. Individually crafted and made out of full grain English leather, this gorgeous dog collar is available in black, brown or tan. Perfect for any formal or casual occasion – you can be sure that your dog will look extra cool on any day of the week. Whether you take it on a morning walk or go to play in the park, this collar will make your dog stand out in the (woofing) crowd. An original DTB design.

Available from DTBros

2. Classic Leather Dog Collar With Brass Nameplate by FetchAndCarry

2 Classic Leather Dog collar

Yes! A collar with an incorporated nameplate simply had to make its way into today’s list! This classic accessory is the perfect way to make sure your pet’s identity can be easily identified, but without compromising any of its day-to-day style. The natural leather color will darken over time to a rich caramel hue, so you can expect years and years of comfortable usage and good looks. The most important part, though? The tag is attached directly to the strap so it won’t jingle every time your dog has an itch or when it’s running around with joy. Sometimes, the most efficient designs are also the most beautiful and this dog collar is here to prove it.

Available from FetchAndCarry

3. Dog Collar by WeinmannAccessories

3 Dog collar

If you too appreciate classic items with a bit of a twist, then you’re bound to fall in love with this outstanding dog collar! Made from leather and with a durable waxed cotton braiding insert, it is the ideal match for dogs (and owners) with an innate sense of elegance. The black and white pattern in the cotton braiding will put you in a good mood every time you take you furry friend on a morning walk. As for your hound? He’ll be the most handsome in the entire neighborhood!

Available from WeinmannAccessories

4. Hand Made Beaded Leather Dog Collar – SANTA FE by ZinjDesign

4 Hand Made Beaded Leather Dog Collar

Handmade all the way in Kenya, this studded beaded leather collar is inspired by the beautiful tribal patterns of East Africa and rendered in eye-catching, bright colors that’ll make your pet stand out regardless of its breadth. Suitable for all breeds, from Spaniels to Labradors (just check out the sizing chart!), the collar is made with natural free-range Kenyan cow leather and finished on the inside with a soft goat-skin lining. All of that plus the exquisite hand-beaded motifs make this collar unapologetically cool – your dog will be the most elegant in town!

Available from ZinjDesign

5. Embroidered Leather Collar From Argentina by Kamyno

5 Dog leather collar

No list of handmade leather dog collars would truly be complete without a bright and colorful design! Hailing straight from Argentina, this fantastic collar is hand made out of leather and it also features hand-embroidered detailing. Yes, that’s right! Boasting a fantastic mix of standout red and green hues, this collar will underline the energy and personality of your dog. And don’t forget: never underestimate the power of a cheerful duo of colors! Try it and see! ;)

Available from Kamyno

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores