See, Love, Wear: The Most Beautiful Hair Accessories On Etsy

Gone are the days when hair accessories were just an afterthought. Carefully handmade and featuring stunning detailing, these beauties will make your life (and hair-do) a whole lot better. Honestly now: how can a butterfly-embellished accessory NOT put a spring in your step? So get ready to greet the new season in style! The following selection has everything your could dream of… cat ears, bobby pins, hair beads… you name it! Truth be told, you’re going to have to really struggle to pinpoint your favorite. Good luck, babes:

1. Handmade Bio Cotton and Silk Organza Teal Butterflies Bobby Pin by TheButterfliesShop

1 Butterflies Hair Bobby Pin

Isn’t this the most ethereal bobby pin you’ve ever seen? That’s because it is composed of two superimposed layers, one in bio cotton and one in silk organza. The image of the butterfly is printed on each layer and their juxtaposition is what creates that lovely, romantic and light effect. This teal butterfly pin would make a lovely addition to your hair on an everyday basis or, why not, on special occasions. Bridesmaids or even brides would certainly benefit from the dreamy allure this pretty butterfly can bring along. Details on its size and shipping can be found by visiting the link above.

Available from TheButterfliesShop

2. Gold or Silver Pearl Cat Ears Headband by MissCocoBoutique

2 Gold or Silver Pearl Cat Ears Headband

Meow: it’s never to late to get it on with the cat ear trend. Especially if the cat ears in question are THIS charming! Hand made following an original design, these are available in either silver or gold and finished with pearls or… crystals. Swoon! The cat ear headband will fit both adolescents and adults and it is made to sit comfortably and securely on the head. (See those bent ends? They’re the ones that do the trick.) Read all about the fabrication process on the product’s page – it’s quite interesting! Now, which would you pick between this one and its lovely counterparts? :)

Available from MissCocoBoutique

3. Small Snake Hair Bead by LoitsuCrafts

3 Small Snake hair beads

If you ever wanted to feel like royalty or like a magical, bohemian creature, this hair bead is your best bet! Suitable to use on braids, dreadlocks or even beards (heads up to all the guys out there), this silver snake bead comes in two finishes: new or aged. Refer to the images on the product’s page for a closer, more detailed look. And know that the shop owner has also made a tutorial on how to place it. Yes, you can consider all the guesswork taken out of the equation. :) Now, go check out its dimensions and other such practical details… you don’t want to miss out on this.

Available from LoitsuCrafts

4. Poppy Red Felt Hat by LillibetsMillinery

4 Poppy Red Felt Hat

Oh, where shall we start from? The unique look of this cocktail hat makes it one of those statement accessories that you simply must own! It is fashioned after a spectacular poppy bloom and it is nested atop a bed of veiling, with the result being positively eye-catching. The hat itself is made out of 100% wool felt and its colors can be customized to match your outfit. The seller offers to send you a small sample of any color so that you can make sure you’re choosing what’s best for you and your outfit. Finally, when it comes to the fastening, you can select a headband or an elastic, depending on your preference. Enough chatter, go check it out now: the link to it is above.

Available from LillibetsMillinery

5. Pink Floral Crown by Flashfloozy

5 Pink Floral Crown

No list of handmade hair accessories could be complete without a STUNNING floral crown, could it now? This insanely pretty one is made using pink and off-white paper roses and its halo is made from brown vine wire. White pip berries are dotted along the way, wonderfully completing the dreamy effect. The back is finished with a white satin ribbon, so you can adjust it to fit as you prefer. Needless to say, the crown would add a romantic touch if chosen as an accessory for a bridesmaid or a flower girl. Find this beauty listed in the link above.

Available from Flashfloozy

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores