5 Must-See Glasses Cases You Can Only Find On Etsy

These handmade cases are must-have accessories for those of you who take off and put on their glasses more often than they care to count. Because, let’s be honest here: scratched eyewear is the absolute worst, especially if you’ve shelled out quite a bit for it. ;) But hey, no worries! From now on, you can protect your prized spectacles from any accidents AND look infinitely more stylish. In the roundup below, you’ll find five remarkable handmade cases for glasses. One for each working day of the week… if you dare!

Let the browsing begin:

1. Handmade Veg Tanned Leather Case by calebhandmade

1 Handmade veg tanned leather spectacle

What a beauty! This eyewear case is made from premium, full grain, vegetable tanned leather and hand-dyed in a deep russet color. The incredibly rich tone makes the case look absolutely stunning, a feature that is also enhanced by its curved outlines and discrete snap closure. But the qualities don’t end there. The case has a nose bridge on the inside, so your glasses will stay perfectly put. And, sure enough, everything is hand stitched. Simple and elegant! The item is made to order and it is also possible to place custom requests – in case you were wondering. :) Get started by visiting the product page in the link above.

Available from calebhandmade

2. Beaded Glasses Case by NeedlessSociety

2 Beaded Glasses Case

Ready to get double usage out of your glasses case? You’ve found your match! This stop-and-stare case has no problem housing your eyewear when you’re done wearing it OR a few of your essentials if you’re heading out. It only depends on what you need and where you’re going! The clever design and fancy beaded closure make it a superb clutch, and also a wildly fun glasses case that you’ll love to carry around everywhere. Ah, double duty items are such a treat! As for the materials, this case is made using “naked” vegetable tanned leather, which means that no dies or finishes have been applied. The leather has just been oiled and conditioned, transforming it into a beautiful canvas that will tell your unique story as it ages naturally. Excited yet? Hop to the link above and jump to the original listing.

Available from NeedlessSociety

3. White Leather Sunglasses Case by erikasleather

3 White leather sunglasses case

Check this baby out! Created using heavy, genuine leather, this handmade glasses case is not just about good looks. The strong materials makes it sturdy enough to efficiently protect your eyewear, while looking totally fabulous in the process. The intricate pattern on the front was made by punching each hole using different size punchers. Impressive, isn’t it? As a final touch, the case features a silver closure which perfectly compliments the elaborate pattern. An exceptionally feminine and chic item! Want to hunt it down? Take the first step by clicking the link above.

Available from erikasleather

4. Glasses Case by MallinaDesign

4 Glasses Case

Be honest now: isn’t this the cutest case you’ve ever laid your eyes on? Boasting a fascinating array of pinks and whites, this knitted glasses case is simply irresistible, either for your own immediate use or as a thoughtful gift. It closes with a small loop and a white button and also has a fun tassel to complete the jolly layout. Needless to say, this is suitable for eyeglasses and sunglasses alike. Now: which one of your friends would go completely bananas over it? ;) Keep thinking while you click the link to see its listing. Pssst: it’s also ON SALE. Go, go, go!

Available from MallinaDesign

5. Sichtschutz, The Felt Glasses Case by werktat

5 Sichtschutz the felt glasses case WT0315

This list of handmade cases for glasses wouldn’t have been complete without a felt option, so here is the most stunning one on all of Etsy! Made from the finest 3 mm wool felt (merino wool), this semi-soft case is a gorgeous way to store your favorite glasses, away from dust and protected from scratches. The case has a matching nose bridge on the inside and it seals with a flap and a snap closure. The impossibly splendid hue pictured above is called “aqua”, and there are many other color ways available in the shop. Click the link below to head directly to the shop or the one above to go to the original listing.

Available from werktat

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores