Handmade Glass Christmas Ornaments To Get You In The Holiday Spirit

It’s that time of the year again! Christmas is right around the corner and that thought alone should be enough to get you excited about all the impending meet-ups, shiny decorations and all-around holiday cheer.

Speaking about decorations… have you thought about which ornaments will make it to the top of your Christmas tree? Because if you haven’t, we’ve got some worthwhile suggestions you should definitely check out. From precious investment pieces that you’ll love for years to come (and even pass down to future generations) to inexpensive, yet sophisticated ones, the following 5 handmade glass Christmas ornaments are bound to leave you speechless.

Hurry up and check them all out! And don’t forget to place an order now, just to make sure that they ship out on time. The clock is ticking, especially on international orders… Happy shopping:

1. Cherry Blossom Ornament by GwydionsGarden

1 Cherry Blossom Ornament

What would you say about a more exotic take on the traditional Christmas ornament? This exquisite matte gold one was hand painted with white cherry blossoms and embellished with matching Swarovski crystals. Finally, the ornament was tied with a green silk ribbon which perfectly captures the spirit of the winter holiday.

The result? A superb take on the poetic blend of seasons: cherry blossoms can now delicately infuse the winter air, bringing along a dose of characteristic magic… Needless to say, this impressive ornament would make a lovely gift for that romantic friend of yours or for a member of your family.

Available from GwydionsGarden

2. Set of Dark Green Holiday Ornaments by workingmanhandmade

2 Set of Dark Green Holiday Oranaments

If you’re ready to welcome not one, not two, but three brand new and handmade glass Christmas ornaments in your holiday kit, then this set will be just the thing for you. Featuring a ball, a beaded shape and a peach-like silhouette, these color-coordinated beauties can be a quick (and elegant) fix when the stress of having to mix and match ornaments becomes too much.

Made using traditional Italian glass blowing techniques, these ornaments let their standout curves and spirals do all the talking. Their common denominator? Subtle variations of the same green hue, which makes their elaborate designs appear even more intricate. If subtle, but powerful and well-made ornaments are your thing, you have found your match. ;)

Available from workingmanhandmade

3. Blown Glass Christmas Ornament by ThomasSpakeStudios

3 blown glass Christmas ornament

A mix of lavender, purple, and green come together to evoke (what else?) the lavender fields of the French countryside in this unique glass ornament. Impressive, right? Not only that, but this innovative color mix and the perfectly finished shape make it capable of transcending the seasons: it is very likely that you’ll keep it around not only during the colder months, but during warmer ones, too. In summer, hang it close to the kitchen window to catch the morning sun. Or, if you have a garden, allow it to swing in the breeze on one of the branches. Endless uses! Aren’t multitasking (Christmas ornaments) just the best?

Available from ThomasSpakeStudios

4. Winter Wonderland: Set of 3 Blue and White Painted Glass Ornaments by PearlesPainting

4 Set of 3 Blue and White Painted Glass Ornament

Now you can make your own winter wonderland! Another set of 3 handmade glass Christmas ornaments is available and ready to blow your mind with its impressive blue and white hand painted details. The set consists of 1 large and 2 medium-sized ornaments, all with the same, crazy intricate motif. Each leaf was painted one at a time – which must be why the pattern looks so beautifully tridimensional!

The set would make a charming and thoughtful wedding gift for a new couple… Truly magical!

Available from PearlesPainting

5. Murano Glass Christmas Ball by YourMurano

5 Murano glass Christmas ball

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all when it comes to handmade glass Christmas ornaments, along comes this absolutely stunning Murano glass ball to prove you wrong. Featuring a bold and remarkable array of colors in a mosaic effect called “primavera”, this hand-crafted ornament was blown and shaped without using any kind of mold. As you would expect, the visual effect of this ornament in either natural or artificial light is mind-blowing. If you were looking for a special gift for a pretentious aunt, a fabulous godmother or even for your fancy self, this Murano glass ornament is it!

Available in blue, red, yellow and orange, this item will ship straight from Venice, carrying the signature of master glassmaker Imperio Rossi. Ready to rush to the checkout yet? :)

Available from YourMurano

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores