Surprise! 5 Fantastic Handmade Gifts For Your Boyfriend

Nothing says “I love you” quite like a handpicked, handmade and 100% fantastic gift. And this is precisely why we’ve put this list together! The next time you and find yourself in a time crunch or in an inspiration slump while looking for a gift for your boyfriend, this list will come to your rescue.

A sleek tie clip, a leather camera strap and the most exquisite leather bag are just some of the suggestions you’ll find below. Each and every one of these items has the potential to leavethe recipient speechless.

Handmade Gifts For Boyfriend – Etsy Edition

1. Handmade Legacy Tie Clip by sonofsoren

1 Handmade Legacy Tie Clip

Does your boyfriend love wearing ties? Then this is exactly that tiny extra detail that can to take his look to the next level. Made of a tiny piece of cedar wood affixed to a silver-colored clip backing, this stunning tie clip is sleek enough to make your loved one stand out, but also casual enough to be worn all day long.

The geometric black and white design is hand-painted and features a subtle hint of turquoise. This mix of neutral colors ensures that the clip will go well with any of your boyfriend’s day-to-day looks, especially those including denim. Super cool!

Available from sonofsoren

2. Personalized Leather Camera Strap In Black Color by viveo

2 Personalized leather camera strap in black color

Basic camera straps can be so boring! Add a bit of excitement to your boyfriend’s favorite pastime by giving him this personalized leather camera strap. Hand made from premium full grain leather, this standout accessory can be made to order: choose up to 25 letters to be added onto a special leather tag.

Doesn’t this just sound fabulous? Oh, and no worries: the strap should fit most cameras, from the heaviest DSLRs to small rangefinders.

Available from viveo

3. iPhone 6s Plus Wallet Sleeve by Cocones

3 iPhone 6s Plus Wallet Sleeve

Our phones are often our most prized possessions and it’s not just because we carry such great amount of personal information on them. They’re also our (digital) windows to the world, so it only makes sense that we care for them as best as possible. This is why a phone case is never *not* a good option when it comes to handmade gifts for your boyfriend. A perfect match for both the iPhone 6 Plus and the new iPhone 6s Plus, this sleeve wallet not only provides the bets possible protection, but also has an extra added functionality: it securely carries cards as well.

Two pockets are up for the job: one is dedicated to less frequently used cards, like IDs or the driving license, while the other is meant for the ones which are used on a daily basis, like bank cards or gym passes.

As for the materials? Wool felt and vegetable tanned Italian leather – together, they’re a hardworking and durable couple. Just like you two. ;)

Available from Cocones

4. Personalized Handmade Straight Razor with Travel Strop by miniFab

4 Personalized Handmade Straight Razor with Travel Strop

Out of all the handmade gifts you could possibly pick for your boyfriend, this is, by far, the manliest! This straight razor is a good introduction to traditional wet shaving and will deliver a very smooth and close shave – not to mention, there’ll be no more discarded cartridges to further pollute the environment.

Along with it comes a “Man Card” with a leather strop on one side, which can be used to prepare the blade. Made of bamboo and English bridal leather, it’ll help keep the blade sharp. You can pick between a standard blade (which is sharp, but might take a little honing to become suitable for shaving) or a shave-ready one for an extra fee. Yes, and the shop also offers free engraving. It really doesn’t get any better than this!

Available from miniFab

5. Parachuter Bag by deBruir

5 Parachuter Bag

Oh, wait… it does! This may well be the Rolls Royce of the “handmade gifts for boyfriend” line, so brace yourself and meet… The Parachuter! This is a contemporary backpack which fits ergonomically and against the back and is made to survive any of the tumbles that come with an active lifestyle. Made of leather and featuring chunky stitching details, this handcrafted beauty is available in 4 sizes (S, M, L and XL) one for each desired usage, from daily use bag to weekend-size bag.

Needless to say, this is the heavy-duty traveling companion that any man needs in his life. And the ultimate “I love you” gift. Will you take the plunge? :)

Available from deBruir

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores