Sleep Tight! The Most Glorious Dream Catchers On Etsy

If you’ve never seriously considered adding a dream catcher to your interior décor scheme, you’re really, truly missing out.

And here’s why.

Contemporary dream catchers are not just an accessory meant to defend you against evil spirits and bad dreams. They’re also intricate works of art that have the potential to elevate and refine any room of your choosing. Suitable for modern and bohemian interiors alike, the following handmade dream catchers are a sight to behold. Coming in every size from extra large to small and boasting (almost) every possible decoration from flowers to feathers and beads, they have to be seen to be believed.

Trust: by the time you reach the end of the article, you’ll be absolutely charmed by at least of one of them.

Start browsing:

1. Dreamcatcher With Peonies And Ranunculus by Iheartbinaandjess

1 Peonies and ranunculus dreamcatcher

Let’s get this one word off our chest, shall we? GORGEOUS. This handmade dream catcher is simply, incredibly, impossibly gorgeous. It has 12 inches in diameter and comes in a stunning palette of white, cream and ivory, with golden accent color. On the side, peonies, ranunculus, baby’s breath and greenery form a charming pop of color. This seamlessly compliments the cascading assortment of fabric, yarn and feathers on the bottom. Its seller takes custom orders, special color requests and size variations, so be sure to message them if you want something different. Enjoy! Shop the product via the link above.

Available from Iheartbinaandjess

2. Large Cream Pink Red Dream Catcher by owlsroadstudio

2 Boho Decor

So pretty! This unique dream catcher was crafted with great attention to detail out of pure, natural materials – and it shows! Willow wood, wool and cotton yarn, natural dyed feathers and a clear natural quartz crystal all come together in the intricate design and the result is… fabulous! The whites, pinks and reds make a subtle décor statement, all while helping you achieve inner peace. How come? Well, the quartz crystal is one of the most powerful gemstones around and it is ideal to have around for healing, for chakra and emotional clearing or for dream enhancement. Head over to read more about its powers and to discover more details about the dream catcher itself. And be sure to take a tour around the shop as well! There’s more where this came from.

Available from owlsroadstudio

3. Boho Black Dreamcatcher by BastandBruin

3 Boho Black Dreamcatcher

Look at this beauty! The dream catcher no. 13 from Bast and Bruin was inspired by the traditions and cultures of the American West and was rendered in modern lines, shapes and colors. Hand made from carefully chosen materials, the dream catcher is a symphony in black and gold. Black leather wraps were chosen for the hoop, while the webbing itself was made from gold glitter twine. At the bottom, natural dyed feathers and glitter twine accents complete the contemporary design. Swoon! Ok now, click over to read more about it.

Available from BastandBruin

4. Large White Dream Catcher by MagicalSweetDreams

4 Large White Dream Catcher

Oh dear: look at this pure white dream catcher and try NOT to fall in love with it. Impossible! The central, crochet doily is bound to charm you with its intricate pattern, while the symmetrically placed bottom ribbons, decorated with beads and feathers, effortlessly foster its winning looks. Hand made from start to finish, the stunning dream catcher would look at home in a nursery, bedroom or living room. Such a gorgeous piece to have around! Make sure to check out its listing! :)

Available from MagicalSweetDreams

5. Giant Dreamcatcher by TheWovenDreamFactory

5 Giant dreamcatcher

If you REALLY want to make a statement with your dream catcher, this fantastic oversized one is your match – so precious! Entirely handmade (it takes about a week to create), it will bring a touch of bohemian magnetism to your home. The kind that only hand crafted objects can bring. And if you’re wondering where to put it, here’s an idea: why not at the top of your bed? Or on the largest wall in your living room? Its magical, captivating presence will enhance the personality of your home. No doubt, an unmissable décor item! You must see its listing over on Etsy via the link above. And once you get there, be sure to browse through the entire shop. Brace yourself: there are many more hidden treasures in there. ;)

Available from TheWovenDreamFactory

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores