5 Original Handmade Docking Stations For All Your Gadgets

It’s not all about owning a cool gadget. You also have to treat it properly if you are to have it around for as long as possible. Which is exactly why this round-up of the most creative handmade docking stations is important. Treating your phone, tablet or smart watch to a shiny dock will ensure that your device charges up in a safe place, while looking like a down-right piece of art. Because, let’s be honest here: serving up good looks is part of its charm. ;)

Ok, boys and girls: let’s start going through the items. And don’t be surprised if you’ll be picking favorites all along the way…

1. Docking Station for iPhone by DOCKSMITH

1 Docking Station for iPhone

This incredibly gorgeous, one-of-a-kind dock is made from driftwood that was collected on the 3,478 mile shoreline of Maine. Its upgradeable design will allow you to replace the cable if you decide to switch devices, so it’ll serve you well regardless where your loyalties lie. Speaking of devices, you get to pick your model: almost all types of iPhone and Samsung Galaxy are supported, provided that the charging port is centered on the bottom of your phone. Oh, and one more important mention: the dock also comes with OEM Apple or OEM Samsung cables. Super awesome! Ok, go check it out via the link above.

Available from DOCKSMITH

2. Qubi | Apple Watch Dock by WoodUpBerlin

2 Qubi Apple Watch Dock

Designed especially for the Apple Watch, this incredible dock named WoodUp Qubi takes the rawness of concrete and the timeless elegance of walnut to new heights. Ideally suited for your bedside table, the dock will conveniently hide the charging cable, keeping your space neat and organized while you catch some Zs. Each Qubi is individually handmade by the WoodUp team, so each one will have its own unique character! For more details, head to the link above.

Available from WoodUpBerlin

3. Docking Station for Apple Watch and iPhone by leftcoast2006

3 Docking Station

Can’t part with either your iPhone or your Apple Watch? Good thing you don’t have to. This double duty docking station will hold them both! Perfect for eliminating the cable clutter on your nightstand or desk, this superb dock is handcrafted from FSC Certified, Rapidly Renewable bamboo and finished with mineral oil and homemade beeswax. The seller also notes that there is a rich (and subtle) resulting aroma which is similar to cedar with a hint of smoke. Mmm-m! Finally, you should know that you can also get a text engraved on it – a lovely touch, especially if you get this dock as a present for a dear one. Find this amazing product in the link above.

Available from leftcoast2006

4. Wooden Docking Station And Night Stand by OrganizedWoodDesign

4 Wooden docking station and night stand

Brilliant? Umm… yes! This wall docking station slash floating night stand is an easy way to make sure your device is on hand every time you need it. Great for your bedside or for tight spaces, this handmade docking station has openings that’ll help amplify the sound of your iPhone and iPad. You can choose your device from a drop-down menu. And yes, docking stations for Samsung users are also available. Another special note that should be made is that this docking station will hold your device high enough for you to answer calls or reply to messages without having to dismount it. What was the word? Oh… brilliant! :) The listing can be accessed via the link above.

Available from OrganizedWoodDesign

5. iPad Mini Docking Station by valliswood

5 iPad Mini Docking Station

And now… the cutest handmade docking station in existence! Designed as a unique wooden sculpture that has both an iPad dock AND a vase holder, this one sure is a stunner! Handmade from discarded and reclaimed wooden shapes, it effortlessly combines two types of wood: oak and linden. The docking station is compatible with iPad minis, as well as with newer iPhones. You can also choose between 2 buying options: with cord or without cord. Meaning, you can use your own cord to power your device or you can opt for getting a preinstalled Lightning connector/cord. And, before you ask, the tube vase is included. Find the entire product listing by clicking the link above.

Available from valliswood

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores