Handmade Dining Room Tables For Design Enthusiasts

When it comes to listing the things one usually searches for on Etsy, handmade dining room tables don’t necessarily come out on top. And the reasons are easy to guess: they are bulky objects with competitive price ranges which can be simply intimidating to look for online.

Well, this is about to change.

We bring you a hand-picked selection of dining tables which aren’t only a sight for sore eyes, but are also statement makers in their own right. Each of them can be quite the investment piece, so be prepared for that. However, all handcrafted, impeccably designed furniture items are somewhat costly. What we’re saying is this: if you’ve been looking for the ideal dining table for what seems like an eternity, today you’ll meet your match.

1. Red Oak Dining Table by Poppyworkspl

1 Red Oak Dining Table

Hailing straight from Poland, this wooden dining table features some handy (and eye-catching!) detailing that’ll make it instantly stand out in your space. Composed of two one-of-a-kind live edge oak slabs and a red steel base, the table makes a neat first impression. Two troughs are conveniently positioned in line with the main structure and their role is to serve as side compartments that can hold everything you need for a top dining experience. Fill them with potted plants for an extra touch of greenery or use them to store cutlery, spices or napkins – anything goes as long as you’re happy. Bon appétit!

Available from Poppyworkspl

2. The Yoshi Dining Table by moderncre8ve

2 The Yoshi Dining Table

For a futuristic-meets-minimalistic approach to handmade dining room tables, look at this! The Yoshi table successfully blends style and functionality with its 1″ solid walnut tabletop that rests on two wireframe metallic structures. The steel base is welded in-house and finished with a durable powder coat finish. A custom color is also available for an added fee.

How impossibly cool is this? Imagine the visual impact its silhouette can have on your home! For maximum effect, consider pairing it with equally geometric chairs – they’ll look harmonious and oh so inviting!

Available from moderncre8ve

3. Recycled Wood Dining Table – “SIENNA INDUSTRIAL” by MattsBenches

3 Recycled wood dining table metal black base Recycled wood dining table metal black base

Just as its name suggests, this impeccable wooden table boasts a strong industrial-chic appeal. Made from recycled wood, the Sienna Industrial features a strong and stable metallic base that makes it perfect for the dinning room or even for the office, if you’re feeling fancy. :)

The top is made from recycled Tasmanian Oak, giving the piece unique character and a homey, welcoming vibe. The table is long enough to fit two chairs on either side plus an extra chair at each end – hello, dinner for six! A superb choice for any stylish apartment or house.

Available from MattsBenches

4. River Dining Table by RainforestArtFactory

4 River Dining Table

How would you like to have not just a new dining room table, but also a standout art piece? Mimicking the smooth flow of a river across a natural landscape, this table was made to impress. With an African rosewood and hardened resin top resting on remarkably thin steel legs, this is just the kind of piece that’ll make whoever comes to visit simply stop and stare. Then stop and stare some more.

The only advice when it comes to it? You don’t really have to use a traditional table cloth, lest its cool composition gets hidden away. Instead, you can rely on placemats, coasters or pot holders to do the trick – they’ll help you nail the balance between function and art.

Available from RainforestArtFactory

5. 1.8m Modern Retro Mid Century Recycled Dining Table by GHIFY

5 Modern Retro Mid Century Recycled Dining Table

Think we’d finish off our handmade dining room tables list without a rustic piece? Think again! This rustic dining table shows off a contemporary take on mid-century modern furniture and boasts a beautiful, raw and authentic feel. Built from recycled solid wood, each table is made to order and has the potential to become a true heirloom piece. You can be sure that it will withstand anything that comes its way for generations to come, with little to no maintenance. What a beautiful promise this is, isn’t it?

Part of the “Once Upon A Queenslander” furniture collection by Will Marx, you can be sure that this table will be a stunning addition to your dining space. Pair it with industrial metal chairs for a nice and stylish contrast!

Available from GHIFY

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores