Decorate Your Home With These Fun Handmade Pillows

Handmade pillows are the type of home decoration items that can single-handedly change the vibe of a room. Depending on which style you choose, they can take your home from bland to dashing in one quick swipe. Just decide what atmosphere you’re going for, pick some pillows that match, scatter them on the couch, the armchairs and even the floor and boom: instant coziness! And, if you’re stuck for ideas, don’t worry – we’ve totally got your back. The handmade decorative pillows listed below range from adorable to quirky and everything in between. No matter which room needs some new (and fluffy) décor items, you’ll find a pillow to match. Onwards, then:

1. MOON Cushion by OHNORachio

1 MOON cushion

Well isn’t this awesome! A neat gift idea for that one geeky friend or a lovely new purchase for yourself, this little moon cushion will add a dash of extraterrestrial fun to any space. Handmade and filled with polyester toy stuffing, the moon cushion will be positively squishy and oh-so-nice to have around at home. As for its print? It’s a digital one made on soft cotton after the artist’s original watercolor illustration. The back is a grey cotton twill hand-stamped with the logo. Cute and otherworldly! A stack of these would be super-cool, wouldn’t it? See the original listing via the link above.

Available from OHNORachio

2. Unicorn Cushion by LittleKnittedStars

2 Unicorn cushion

With their unmistakable allure, unicorns are one of the most loved creatures in our present-day culture. So who could possibly say no to a cushion that features them in rows and rows? :) Hand made from 100% high quality British spun lambswool, this unique cushion comes to life using a 1980s punchcard knitting machine. The opening edge at the back is hand crocheted with a contrast color yarn that matches the front pattern. Intricate process, isn’t it? You can read more about it in the product listing – just follow the link above. Have fun and browse around. There are more animal-themed cushions where this came from…

Available from LittleKnittedStars

3. Personalized Tutu Tooth Fairy Pillow by RubyLewisDesigns

3 Personalized Tutu Tooth Fairy Pillow

Oh dear, look at this playful pillow! With its expressive face, it’s the perfect gift for a little girl who is anxiously waiting for the tooth fairy. Adorable! Complete with a fancy tutu and a glittery crown (or a bow, your choice), the pillow also has a handy pocket at a back. Just pop the tooth in there, hang the pillow on the door handle and wait for the tooth fairy to come visit. No doubt about it: this will be an amazing keepsake to have around even as the years go by. Go to the Etsy listing to see the colors available for the tutu, crown or bow… there are lots of wonderful options to choose from! And there’s a version for boys, too: look around in the shop to find it. :)

Available from RubyLewisDesigns

4. Indigo Cushion by EthicalLifeStore

4 Indigo cushion

Check out this stunner: created from handwoven indigo fabrics, this unique handmade cushion is the stuff of dreams! The front and the back are made from two separate fabrics, which are juxtaposed in a stark, yet beautiful contrast. The front panel is made from a fabulous dark indigo material which was sourced from an atelier in Kyoto, while the back panel is made from a vintage linen that was also dyed with natural indigo extracts. The lighter back perfectly compliments the intense, saturated front and the ensemble is, simply put, wondrous. The cushion is filled with kapok, a light, fluffy and natural filling with native hypoallergenic properties. Dreamy, or what? View it in detail through the link above.

Available from EthicalLifeStore

5. White Cloud Cushion by hannahdoodle

5 White Cloud Cushion

Trying to withstand the cuteness? It’s impossible! This smiley cloud would look adorable in the kids’ room or in a nursery – so fun! Entirely handmade, this one-of-a-kind pillow has a smiley face that is sure to get passed on to every family member or to anyone who lays eyes on it. :) The cushion is made from soft fleece and has a soft, 100% polyester filling. The details are made using wool felt. And if you are wondering whether custom orders are accepted, the answer is yes. Just message the seller if you want a special color, shape or design. You can find the direct link above or the link to the entire shop (featuring more adorable cushions) below.

Available from hannahdoodle

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores