Handmade Daily

This fresh selection of handmade items is bound to get you (even more) excited for spring! With their light colors, cool designs and a fun approach, they are all you need to make your days sunny and fun. From your house to your wardrobe, everything will look more cheerful. Are you ready? Let’s get started…

1. 14 kt Gold Love Ring by FabulousWire

01 love ring

You don’t have to wait for your boyfriend or husband to get you this unique ring! Its message stands true even if you buy it for yourself. A loving attitude towards yourself can bring some unexpected magic into your life.

Available from FabulousWire

2. Geometric Mini Planters For Succulents by ShadeonShape

02 geometric mini planters

They might be easy to look after, but your succulents also need some TLC every now and then. Move them into these bright mint planters and see them come back to life. Plus, they will lighten up that particular corner of your house!

Available from ShadeonShape

3. Ombré Tights by BZRshop

03 ombre tights

Put a spring in your step with a pair of cool, new tights! You can’t jump from boots directly to bare legs, but these awesome tights will surely make up for the lingering transitional cold. Wear them with a black skirt for a seamless color shift or clash them with a pop of color – the choice is yours!

Available from BZRShop

4. Neon Anchor Pillow by LesMiniboux

04 neon anchor pillow

How about a pillow with hot pink detailing to freshen up the look of your couch? If you’re nodding right now, then you need a dash of color to brighten up your lazy lounging days.

Available from LesMiniboux

5. Cat iPhone Case by Vividplease


Who can say no to a phone case with a bunch of cat faces on it? Thought so. This cute case would be so much fun to casually pull out of your bag! Plus, it will bring a smile on your face every time you look at it.

Available from Vividplease

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores