Dress Up Your Home With These Stunning Handmade Curtains

The ideal blend of functionality, style and looks, curtains can define the entire aesthetic of a room. Opt for a heavy set of velvet ones to block out all sunlight (and feel like a member of a decadent royal family) or go for a semi-sheer version to let some light drip in throughout the day. Linen and burlap curtains are also excellent options, since they are impressively versatile. Coming in almost any color, pattern and finish, they’ll surely freshen up any room of your choice.

Needless to say, there are examples from all of these categories below. And yes, you can find all of these handmade curtains for sale on Etsy. Dive right in:

1. Ombre Curtain by LovelyHomeIdea

1 Ombre curtain

Let’s kick off the list in full force with this unique ombre curtain. Made from natural linen and hand dyed to perfection, it would be a statement maker no matter what room you place it in. The width of the curtain panel is 53″ (135 cm) and its length varies. You can choose your preferred one from the dropdown menu at checkout. Oh, and one more detail: your curtain panel can come either unlined or blackout lined (helps with room darkening, sound muffling and even insulation). Again, you can choose that from the drop down menu. Check out the original listing for more information. You’ll find it linked above.

Available from LovelyHomeIdea

2. Blue Burlap Curtain by MadeInBurlap

2 Blue Burlap Curtain for the living room

What about a calming touch of blue in your living room or bedroom? This superb burlap curtain could be just the stylish décor element you needed in your favorite room of the house. The listing is for two curtain panels, each being 56″ wide and 96″ long. They come with a rod sleeve, but grommets can also be added in on request. You can also order the curtains in different sizes – simply convo the seller and ask. The link to the product can be found above.

Available from MadeInBurlap

3. Pair Pom Pom Sheer Curtain Panels by TheNewHome

3 Pair Pom Pom Sheer Curtain

Both adorable and stylish, these light curtains will softly filter the amount of light that gets into the room. They are made from 100% cotton and feature a colorful pom pom trim, which is available in no less that 10 different hues. The trim serves two purposes: adding a playful vibe (perfect for the kids’ room or a nursery) and weigh down the curtain just a bit. The curtains have a rod sleeve and a hidden back tab. Custom sizes are also available – contact the seller for a personalised listing.

Available from TheNewHome

4. Indigo Curtains by Ichcha

4 Indigo curtains

Stunning! Absolutely stunning, to be more precise. The stop-and-stare indigo color and the intricate pattern of these curtains makes them a sight to behold. Plus, everything is entirely handmade. The curtains are dyed by hand and the pattern itself is the result of a hand printing process: a carved wooden block was used to stamp the shapes, one at a time. Impressive! The curtains come with a rod sleeve and back tabs. The listing is for one panel. For multiple panels, you can select your desired quantity from a drop down menu on the product’s page. Speaking of the product page, you should really click over and read the design story and a description of the block print process, these are some truly fascinating insights!

Available from Ichcha

5. Lace Linen Curtain by NordicStyle

5 Lace Linen

If you’re looking to add a rustic, yet stylish touch to your windows, these pure linen curtains are your match. They are made from soft, medium weight linen and come in custom lengths and two hues (white and natural). Pick your favorite! Click on the link above to check them out. The listing you’ll see is for a pre-washed, pure linen curtain panel. The best part of it, though? The panel comes with linen lace on both two sides – super pretty! Now, which room will you put it in? ;)

Available from NordicStyle

Happy curtain shopping, everyone!

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores