Innovative Handmade Coasters That’ll Make Your Jaw Drop

For some, owning a set of coasters is proof they have their life all put together. They’re must-have, established interior home décor items that may even justify some moderate splurging. For others, coasters are just another thing they *have* to buy… and often forget to use altogether.

Whatever the case may be for you, one thing’s for sure: owning good coasters is imperative – they’ll save your furniture from getting damaged and you get a shot at making a stellar first impression on your guests.

So this is where today’s handmade hunt comes in: it features five types of handmade coasters that are anything but ordinary. Pull your coffee table out of anonymity and dare to own a set of handmade coasters that not only serve their purpose, but also look great while at it. Your experiment starts right here:

1. TEAL agate coasters by lilpengeeGems

1 TEAL agate coasters

lilpengeeGems is a shop that specializes in gemstones and offers an incredible selection of bright and colorful items. One of the highlights? The INSANELY beautiful sets of gem coasters! This particular Brazilian agate one is incredibly eye-catching. Each coaster is unique in color and exhibits natural marbling, with the color varying from turquoise to light blue. Some coasters boast crystal geode centers, while others even present translucent white areas that allow the light to shine through. The rim of each coaster is electroplated with either a gold or a silver finish. In addition to that, each coaster comes with clear rubber feet on the bottom to protect the furniture. How amazing does this all sound? Waste no time and hop over to read the full listing!

Available from lilpengeeGems

2. Wood brown Hexagon Coaster Set of 4 by ZangerGlass

2 Wood brown Hexagon Coaster Set of 4

You’ll never guess what these geometric coasters are made from: stained glass! As they are hand crafted, each coaster is unique and different from the others. The things they do have in common are rubber feet and a black finish on the edges. The gorgeous wood brown color of this set can effortlessly compliment any home color scheme – they simply look that elegant! Each coaster is approximately 10 cm/4″ at its widest point and is big enough to accommodate anything from cups and mugs to wine bottles or even teapots. How cool is that? And here’s something even cooler: there are many more types of coasters where this came from. :) Click over to browse.

Available from ZangerGlass

3. Whole Wheat Concrete Coasters by defaulteverything

3 Whole wheat Concrete Coasters

This up-and-coming Etsy shop may be new, but it sure knows how to make a statement with its product designs! This original take on a concrete coaster is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before! Because, let’s be honest: how fun slash beautiful slash fresh do these look? The concrete coasters are made from a high strength anchoring concrete and each one comes with a cork bottom to ensure that they don’t scratch the table-top. Now you must click over to see this four-slice listing! Find the exact dimensions and other details in the link above.

Available from defaulteverything

4. Rainbow Felt Ball Coasters Set of 4 by NomiMakes

4 Rainbow Felt Ball Coasters Set of 4

Feel like your home could benefit from a new infusion of color? These felt coasters are the ideal candidates for the job! Each one is made from 100% wool felt balls that were hand-sewn together. Thanks to this construction, the resulting coaster is fully reversible, unique and super cute-looking. Just the thing to bring an extra dose of color and happiness to any room of the house! :) Fun fact? Maintenance is easy: wool has the outstanding quality of being dirt- and water-repelling. So any spilt liquid will form a bead that you can easily soak up. As for those pesky breadcrumbs? Simply shake them off! Find out more about these fabulous coasters on Etsy via the link above. Oh, and do look around the shop: various other colorways are also available!

Available from NomiMakes

5. Lily Pad Coaster by damsontreepottery

5 Lily pad coaster

If you were looking for ceramic coasters with a twist, these may just be the thing for you! Shaped like real-life lily pads and coming in a variety of sizes, color and designs, these coasters are next-level cool. They come with strong silicon rubber feet to protect your surfaces and the shapes are cut freehand, ensuring that each and every resulting piece is unique. How fun is that? Now: in regards to the number of pieces, you have eight pre-set combinations to choose from. And when it comes to colors, there are four options available for the leaves and two for the flowers. Jump over for more details and pictures!

Available from damsontreepottery

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores