5 Otherworldly Beautiful Handmade Chairs

Whether you were looking into a brand new chair for your living room or office or for an extra kitchen stool, consider yourself set. These mind-blowing designs have what it takes to spruce up any room of a modern home. Crafted with great care for details, each of the following handmade chairs boasts a very special feature. From statement upholstery to innovative material combinations or creative designs, they will leave you in awe. Discover them all below and start envisioning where you would like to see each one. :)

1. Wooden Chair by TreeSky

1 Wooden chair

Intricately crafted out of birch wood, this stunning chair features a mesmerizing geometric maze-like pattern. The chair is finished to perfection, so its surface is silky smooth. But don’t let its dainty looks fool you: it is more resistant than you’d think! One of the pictures in its listing shows that it can even support a person standing on it upright! Its proportions also make it very comfortable to sit on. As for its appearance, well… you might consider placing this one in your living room or even in the office – it’ll look stunning either way. Check it out in the direct link above.

Available from TreeSky

2. A Pair Of Stools by Myidealhome

2 A pair of stools

Just like yin and yang, these two hexagonal chairs complete each other’s shape while giving off cool, minimalistic vibes. Perfect for the kids’ room or for holding the pots of your favorite flowers, these stools will charm any onlooker. Hand made out of pine wood, they look impossibly chic in all their black and white glory. But their story doesn’t end here. The seat can be painted in almost any other color you’d like – just pick your favorite from the dropdown menu. In the original listing you can also find their exact dimensions. Get there through the link above.

Available from Myidealhome



Showing off a highly original design, this type of stool from Atelier Chairwood has all the potential to make you fall in love. The handmade stool is part of the TRIKKA collection and it’s available in a myriad of colors – the customization options are almost endless! You have three choices of color when it comes to the wooden base and an impressive array of upholstery materials to choose from. You can see some of the options in the original listing, but you can also let its creators know your wishes or preferences. Happy customizing! You’ll find the product by visiting the link above.

Available from AtelierChairwood

4. Pallet Chair White Handcrafted By Order by PETULAPLAS

4 Pallet Chair white handcrafted by order

Handcrafted to order out of reclaimed wood, the Pallet Chair is a statement-maker in its own right. The robust design, strong construction and natural vibes making it impossibly beautiful. Even more so when you consider the added charm in its unique details. And it’s not all about visuals: the chair is also very comfortable and will help you keep your back straight, in the correct position. For this reason, it would make a superb addition to your office or, why not, to your dining room. It comes in a distressed white finish by default, but other treatments are possible as well – ask its seller. Hop over and see the full listing now!

Available from PETULAPLAS

5. Chair Blocco 55 by laquercia21

5 Chair Blocco 55

Have you seen anything more creative? This oak wood and plexiglass chair effortlessly combines beautiful contemporary shapes with traditional woodcrafting methods. Comfortable, lightweight and functional, this is an original Q21 design. And it looks so incredibly wonderful! Each chair is entirely hand made in Italy. The group who makes it is called La Quercia 21, a project born from the encounter between three woodworkers and a blacksmith. You should click over to read about their story and their products, and, why not, to take a look around the shop. There are lots more gorgeous designs like this one in there!

Available from laquercia21

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores