The Most Stunning Handmade Camera Straps To Be Found On Etsy

Even if you’re not a professional photographer, you surely know the struggle of having a camera strap that is simply not good enough. If it’s cutting into your skin, if it’s too short or too stiff… ugh, forget about it! Time to replace it with a better one! And what better marketplace to find it in than Etsy? Superbly handmade camera straps that are made by fellow photographers abound. Below you’ll find our top 5 selection. Rest assured, you’ll find something that fits your needs precisely. Not spoiling anything just now, so you’ll have to keep scrolling and discover them yourself. :) Enjoy!

1. DSLR Camera Strap by TheSweetStrap

1 dSLR Camera Strap

Tired of feeling your camera dragging your neck down? Replace your current strap ASAP. Preferably with this gorgeous, comfortable and secure beauty! Designed to alleviate pain, the camera strap is made from cotton fabric and has a polypropylene nylon core – a clever system that makes it pliable, yet very strong. Another thing you should know is that the strap is longer than a standard one, so you can easily wear it cross body. Sounds like fun? Wait until you see the rest of the designs listed in the shop! From cute creatures to super-masculine prints, there’s something for everybody. Check them out via the link above.

Available from TheSweetStrap

2. Double Shoulder Camera Strap by BroMGoods

2 Double Shoulder Camera Strap

This up-and-coming shop sells one of the best multi-camera straps on Etsy! Just look at it! Ideal for all-day shooting, the strap is made from a single piece of high quality leather, which was cut, processed and finished entirely by hand. The rounded edges of the straps are treated with beeswax and the overall sizing is adjustable, thanks to the incorporated buckles. The opening hooks are also of the highest quality and they’re immune to water drops and to environment moisture. The front of this multi-camera strap features extra brackets for additional accessories. Oh, oh! And you can truly make it your own: individual engraving (logo or initials) is also available. For extra details, swiftly refer to its link.

Available from BroMGoods

3. DSLR Scarf Camera Strap – Grey Fox by ImaniStudio

3 DSLR Scarf Camera Strap

If you are looking for a handmade camera strap that effortlessly blends comfort and style into a unique appearance, this one’s your match! Made from a grey scarf and finished with faux leather ends, this strap boasts a playful fox print and a muted mix of colors… super nice! And you can chose between nylon webbing ends and swivel clasps before ordering. The strap is roughly 40 inches long, including swivel clasps. If you opt for nylon webbing, that will add about 6 inches to the overall length. Find extra details by following the link above and know there’s more where that came from! ;)

Available from ImaniStudio

4. Leather Camera DSLR Adjustable Wrist Strap by HarberLondon

4 Leather Camera DSLR Adjustable Wrist Strap

Let’s just take a quick moment to admire this one… beautiful, isn’t it? This charming accessory is a simple, practical and elegant solution for those times when you simply don’t want to let the camera out of your hands. The wrist strap itself is adjustable (so it fits different wrist sizes) and it has a wool felt lining, for extra comfort. The connecting leather cord can be detached in a pinch, so you can enjoy all the flexibility you need. Hand made out of full grain leather, this adjustable camera wrist strap comes with a 1 year warranty – super impressive! Now, go read more about it and check out the extra images linked above.

Available from HarberLondon

5. Padded Camera Strap Cover by JanieLaneStudio

5 Padded Camera Strap Cover

Not ready to give up your current camera strap? No problem, just upgrade it with this sassy cover, which is ready to slip over it. The cover is padded and will ease the stress caused by the weight of your camera cutting into your neck. It also has two handy pockets (one at each end), which are perfect for carrying the lens cap or some extra memory cards. The pattern on it is designed by Janie Lane Studio and the strap is entirely hand made to order. You can read more about installation and measurements in the shop. Oh, and while you’re there, do look around! There are other patterns available, just waiting to be discovered! ;)

Available from JanieLaneStudio

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores