Brides-To-Be: Here’s The Prettiest Jewelry For You

Are you a bride-to-be or is your BFF getting married? Then you surely know the feeling of intense agitation that precedes the wonderful event: from the dress and shoes and all the way to the jewelry, there are lot of decisions to be made! And everything needs to be absolutely perfect… no pressure, right? :) So consider this your golden opportunity to take a few moments for yourself. Kick back, put away all of your panic-inducing thoughts and relax by taking a look at these 5 exquisite pieces of jewelry! Who knows, maybe the necklace, bracelet or earrings of your dreams are hiding right here. Start browsing now:

1. Luxurious Bridal Pearl Teardrop Earrings by OnlyHandmadeJewelry

1 Luxurious Bridal Pearl Teardrop Earrings

Let’s start off this handmade bridal jewelry list with these gorgeous earrings. In fact, let’s pause for a second and just… stare. Aren’t they something? These pearl teardrop earrings are carefully hand made using the highest quality crystals, pearls and gold-toned metal. The clear crystals create a shiny base (and their glimmer will look amazing in the wedding photos), while the pearls add in the final touch of polish. Truly incredible! And so well suited for any bride who aims for a classic, elegant look with a touch of sparkle. Find them in the link above.

Available from OnlyHandmadeJewelry

2. Bridal Necklace by JoannaReedBridal

2 Bridal necklace

Fascinated by the timeless appeal of pearls? Incorporate them into your wedding ensemble with the help of this contemporary bridal necklace. Its modern design makes the lasting charm of pearls take on a whole new life. Not to mention, the dainty, symmetrical beaded rows will look dashing with a strapless gown. The necklace is available in four different lengths and the product will be made to order and then shipped in a presentation box. A fabulous accessory for you if you’re a bride-to-be or, why not, for your very lucky BFF! Pssst: there are coordinating items in the shop. Click through to discover them!

Available from JoannaReedBridal

3. White Statement Necklace by MaaPstudio

3 White Statement Necklace

If you wanted your bridal necklace to make a statement, then this all-white and all-around gorgeous one would be the ideal choice. Sooo beautiful! Boasting the perfect blend of femininity, style and grace, the necklace is made out of porcelain and has an irresistible appeal. Its white flowers were individually hand formed from Parian porcelain and then fired, for durability. Next, the porcelain roses were wrapped in sterling silver wire and assembled to reveal the final look. For more details on the product and for cleaning instructions click the link above. Oh, and feel free to snoop around the shop – there are lots of other equally gorgeous pieces where this came from!

Available from MaaPstudio

4. Bridal Jewellery Set by GracieFloJewellery

4 Bridal jewellery set

Bridal jewelry sets are the perfect choice for women who love coordinating pieces. And, if you’re one of them, rejoice! This necklace plus earrings pair is next-level pretty. Bonus points: you can continue wearing them long after the wedding, thanks to their versatile design. Made using irregular freshwater pearls and a gold filled chain, the set is also available in rose gold and sterling silver… simply pick your favorite from the drop-down menu. And another heads up: the earrings are also available separately. Now, which option will it be, ladies? Visit the original listing of the entire set through the link above.

Available from GracieFloJewellery

5. 61_Clear Crystal Bracelet by ArsiArt

5 61_Clear crystal bracelet

Oh! Isn’t this the DREAMIEST bracelet you’ve ever laid your eyes on? Its ethereal design, the light appearance and the delicate color mix make it one of the most special pieces of bridal jewelry around. Created using glass crystals and jewelry wire, the bracelet is also available in a myriad of other colors: antique silver, light silver, rose gold, yellow gold, you name it! Make sure to check all the variations on the product’s page. And, if you click around the shop a bit, you’ll find similar designs with colored crystals (red, green, black) that are perfect for daily wear. Truly now, you simply have to visit the original product listing and, well, the entire shop. Get ready to be charmed! ;)

Available from ArsiArt

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores