Hunting For Handmade Bird Houses

There’s something about chirping that makes you feel a whole lot… happier and lighter, isn’t there? Whether you already have a few bird houses scattered in your backyard (and could accommodate one more) or you’re new to the bird house game altogether, this list will provide heaps of inspiration.

To help you narrow down your options, we’ve scoured Etsy for the best handmade bird houses for sale. Ranging from cute to cool, elegant and everything in between, there’s a bird house for any type of owner… or tenant. ;) See them all below and share your favorites!

1. Bird House Trailer by birdhouse20

1 Bird House Trailer

Raise your hand of you think this is the cutest bird house in existence!

Thought so.

Designed for small birds that like confined areas (wrens, chickadees, nuthatches), this trailer effortlessly blends functionality and looks. It has solid wood panels for the sides and the bottom, while the top is made out of metal. The vintage, distressed look is achieved by lightly hand sanding the edges and sides and finishing everything off in an antiquing oil. Personalized license plates are also available! For proper identification, of course. :)

Available from birdhouse20

2. Wooden Bird House (Package of 3) by IsminiCreations

2 Wooden Bird House

If you’ve never bought any before, this pack of 3 tiny bird houses is the perfect way to ease yourself into the habit. Hailing from sunny Greece, these red and green bird houses are hand painted and decorated using the decoupage technique. One of the houses boasts a rustic roof made up of small wooden sticks fixed together, while the other two feature traditional, single-board roofs. Finally, all the bird houses are protected from the elements by an eco-friendly varnish. Uniquely handmade, thoughtful and very chic looking… these tiny shelters are all sorts of irresistible.

Available from IsminiCreations

3. Miniature Painted Birdhouse with Live Plants by SouthernCharms85

3 Miniature Painted Birdhouse with Live Plants

And while we’re on the topic of miniature handmade bird houses for sale, let’s make another quick stop and admire one more adorable representative. Painted in mint, brown and eggshell acrylic, it’ll be a standout pop of color in your backyard or on the porch. It also resembles a real cottage quite a bit thanks to the small garden with live plants! Seedlings and soil will be provided together with the house, so no worries about that. Now, just imagine a small bird going in and out of the heart-shaped cutout… One can’t help but wonder: who will the lucky feathered tenant be?

Available from SouthernCharms85

4. White Porcelain Birdhouse by SHIPWAYdesign

4 White porcelain birdhouse

Rustic wooden bird houses are beautiful, but if you feel that you could go for something a bit more elaborate, well, we’ve got just the answer for you! This porcelain bird house would be the perfect fit for those of you who’d love to perpetuate their minimalistic taste into their garden as well. Built to withstand the elements (rain, snow, ice, you name it) and coming in a seductive droplet shape, this porcelain house is a remarkable item with exquisite details. The awning that you can see over the opening, for example, is there to direct draining water away from the circular entrance underneath. Ingenious, isn’t it? There are also small drain holes in the bottom to provide ventilation and, of course, to let the water escape just in case some stray raindrops do make it inside.

Finally, the perch is made from salvaged Pacific yew and is sealed with an environmentally friendly oil. Clearly, there’s nothing about this porcelain bird house that you can’t love! The only question remaining is: where will you place it? Decisions, decisions… :)

Available from SHIPWAYdesign

5. Milk Carton inspired Nestbox/Birdhouse by JamFurnitureDesign

5 Milk Carton inspired Nestbox Birdhouse

No list of handmade bird houses for sale would truly be complete without a fun take on the subject. Which is precisely why this brilliant milk carton made it into our top five! The first choice for anyone who loves a lighthearted and fun approach, this cool birdhouse is not just good-looking, it is also sustainable. Its makers have sourced bits of plywood from local businesses to construct the body, while the steel is recycled from discarded washing machines and dish washers. Finally, the perch is hand machined from solid brass with a knurled finish, perfect for providing some extra grip for the birds as they fly in.

Another notable aspect is that the bird house is available on request with 4 opening sizes to suit different bird species. No doubt about it: this upcycled bird house is a winner on all fronts!

Available from JamFurnitureDesign

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores