Top Handmade Bath Towels On Etsy

Few things are more welcoming and pleasant than burying your face in a clean, fresh towel when you step out of the shower. A good towel will make you feel invincible, pampered and, of course, squeaky-clean: the ideal ingredients for a lighthearted mood. Regardless if you’re a long bath enthusiast or the quick shower type, we’ve found just the handmade bath towels for making smooth and fluffy exits. Made out of linen or cotton, these rough- or soft-textured items can make even the pickiest of shoppers happy. Quick tip: any one of these would make an excellent gift for a friend, a brother, an aunt or a mother-in-law. Just saying, because you never know when you’ll need a last minute, killer (and welcome) gift idea! ;)

This said, let’s commence:

1. Linen Bath Towels by pureWHITEspa

1 Linen bath towels

Kicking things off with this gorgeous set of two towels, one for the face and one for the entire body. Hand made out of natural Baltic linen, these towels are the perfect accessories for recreating a relaxing SPA ambiance at home. Their rough texture will make your skin feel super clean, revived and ready to take on whatever the day brings. The items have natural wrinkles which gives them their very unique appearance. It is recommended not to iron them, as linen is considered to be a “live cloth”, with remedial qualities. Needless to say, the natural material in them will ensure that they’ll last a looong time – and look better with each wash. For a captivating read about linen, its properties, as well as for more info about the towels, go ahead and click above.

Available from pureWHITEspa

2. Fine Honeycomb Organic Bathtowels by SunbirdOrganic


Hailing straight off the looms, this fine honeycomb bath towel is a stop-and-stare piece. Handwoven out of GOTS certified organic cotton and colored using natural dyes, it can be used at home and also during your travels! The towel dries fast and it is light to carry around, so it would be the best pick if your wanderlust doesn’t allow you to stay long in one place. ;) The towel comes with a natural white base, chocolate brown side borders and four color options for the wide border: purple, terracotta, teal and olive green. Each more beautiful than the other! Find them via the link above.

Available from SunbirdOrganic

3. Anatolian Peshtemal Teal Blue Turkish Towel by Orientina

3 Anatolian Peshtemal

Stop everything: you need to hear all about this Turkish towel, known as peshtemal. This soft, thin and highly absorbent type of towel is used in the Turkish baths (hammams). Its special feature is that it absorbs water as fast as a regular towel, yet it dries in no time. This charming teal blue towel is woven on hand looms, using 100% pure cotton. Truly, a superb pick! And yes, you’ve guessed it: there are LOTS of other equally stunning designs and colors in the shop – feel free to go around browsing for more. The links will get you there.

Available from Orientina

4. Blue Linen Towels by LinenLifeIdeas

4 Blue Linen Towels

Here’s a unique gift idea for your favorite man: a towel in a fantastic shade of blue! Made from pure linen, it absorbs moisture wonderfully, yet is also quick to dry. And, sure enough, it takes up very little space, so it’s a versatile item to use either at home or when on the road! Soft and pre-washed, the towel is available in four different sizes, but custom orders (large quantities or special dimensions) are also possible – just convo the seller. Head on to the product’s page to learn more about how to care for linen, washing, ironing and possible shrinkage ratios.

Available from LinenLifeIdeas

5. Linen Bath Towel by mooshop

5 Linen bath towel

This list of handmade bath towels couldn’t have ended without just one more bath towel made of linen! Because really, items made out of this natural material are pretty hard to resist. :) Perfect for daily use in the bathroom or for taking along to the beach, this towel is available in 3 colors (white, natural and grey) and is made out of 100% European linen of the highest quality. Stonewashed, pre-washed and very soft, it is an item that dries fast – super practical! Moreover, it won’t shrink anymore and, to top it all of, no ironing is needed. Does this sound absolutely ideal, or what? Click through the link above for more info and pictures.

Available from mooshop


Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores