Handmade Bath Bombs That’ll Help Your Relax After A Long Day

You know what’s better than a hot bath at the end of a long day? A hot bath with a delightful, fizzy bomb in it, that’s what! Delightfully colorful and made out of first class ingredients, these round beauties are chock-full of alluring scents that’ll make relax in an instant. Keep some of these handmade bath bombs always on hand and don’t hesitate to give some away as well! That special friend of yours could surely use a thoughtful gift like this once in a while – we all could. ;)

Below, 5 beautiful bath bombs are waiting to be discovered. Ranging from lavender, rose and wildflower to chai latte and to a special, mood enhancing scent, these are all sights to behold. Let’s go on an adventure:

1. Chai Latte – Extra Large Bath Bomb by NurOrganics

1 Chai Latte

Yes, it’s exactly what it says! This bath bomb is inspired by the vibrant cafes of Melbourne and boasts an aromatic blend of authentic chai ingredients infused into whole organic coconut milk powders. Yummy! On top of that, the fizzy also contains hand milled cinnamon, clove and cardamom, all of which will revigorate your skin, while gently exfoliating it. Sounds perfect, wouldn’t you say?

The bath bomb is preservative free, vegan and will be only made to order, so that you can receive it as fresh as possible. Order it by clicking the link above.

Available from NurOrganics

2. Lavender Bath Bomb by theblacksheepsoapco

2 Lavender Bath Bomb

This gorgeousness of a bath bomb is ideal to use when you want to deeply relax and forget all about the day’s problems. If used in the evening before going to bed, it will help you sleep better. :) Bonus points: you can count on its loving oils to rejuvenate and pamper your skins, while the scent of lavender will calm any nerves that might still be lingering around.

Each lavender bath bomb will arrive beautifully packaged, so you can pass it on as a gift directly. And if you want to keep it for yourself, all the better: unwrap, drop into the tub and enjoy! Find it in the link above.

Available from theblacksheepsoapco

3. Rose with Moroccan Red Clay Bath Bombs by BuckNakedSoapCompany

3 Rose with Moroccan Red Clay Bath Bombs

Its two key ingredients, namely rose petals and Moroccan red clay, make these bath bombs the ultimate in fizzy luxury! Designed by the Buck Naked Soap Company, this product promises an amazing bathing experience. Vegan and hand made using the finest natural ingredients, these fizzies are a treat for both the mind and the spirit. Phthalate, paraben, sulfate and petroleum free.

Check out the original listing for reviews, more details on the ingredients and information about the company. You can find the link above.

Available from BuckNakedSoapCompany

4. Honey Wildflower Bath Bomb Fizzie by westingwellness

4 Honey Wildflower Bath Bomb Fizzie

How adorable is this heart-shaped, wildflower bath bomb? Made out of 100% natural ingredients (no parabens, preservatives, artificial colors or scents), it will release wildflower petals and give off a delicious honey scent as it fizzies away in your bathtub. Delightful! The honey is there to give the bath bomb a sweet and yummy scent, while the blend of floral and mint notes will calm and refresh you at the same time. Does all this sound like music to your ears? Check out the link above to see the direct listing. ;)

Available from westingwellness

5. Mood Enhance Aromatherapy Bath Bomb by WhippedUpWonderful

5 Mood Enhance Aromatherapy Bath Bomb

In need of a pick-me-up after a long day? Check out this fizzie! Boasting an uplifting scent of freshly picked roses, with base notes of jasmine and musk, this beauty will bring you a delightful bathing experience. Not only that, but its saturated pink hue complements the aroma with a dramatic magical aura. Oh, and one more thing: the sweet almond oil contained in the bath bomb is suitable for all skin types – it’ll leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.

Check out the link above to get to the listing. Read it through to the end and find out how to sign up for a special coupon. Go, go, go!

Available from WhippedUpWonderful

Happy shopping and enjoy your bath!

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores