The Nicest Handmade Baskets You Can Find On Etsy

Eco-friendly and sustainable, baskets are one of those items which look good no matter where or how you use them. Whether it’s a flat basket with short handles that is meant to hold trinkets, toys and magazines or a larger one that can fit all of your groceries when you go shopping, their utility and charm are undeniable.

And this is precisely why today’s hunt is dedicated to the nicest handmade baskets for sale you can find on Etsy. Which one would you prefer? A highly elaborate one, a cute one or a practical slash romantic one? Your choice:

1. Extra Large African Basket by PiecesoftheCloud

1 Extra Large African Basket

Let’s kick off the list with a one-size-fits-all storage solution. In the shape of a basket, of course! This large authentic “bolga” basket features leather handles and is entirely handmade by West African artisans in a fair trade and sustainable environment. Organic elephant grass (Kinkanhe grass) is used for the basket itself, while the handles are reinforced with goat skin leather.

Roomy and impossibly good looking, this basket would make a warm and tactile item for all of you who are looking to emphasize the cozy character of your home. Use it to store magazines, house slippers, décor pillows or even a blanket or two – you never know when you might need that arsenal for a cozy night in!

Available from PiecesoftheCloud

2. Bear Basket by MidoriCrafts

2 Bear basket

Hey, googly eyes! This cute basket is the perfect item to place in the kids room as a catch-all container. Hand made out of high quality paper rattan and with a side which is fashioned to look just like a tiny bear, this basket would fit freely on a small shelf or even on a desk. Not to mention, its quirky presence will making everyone that much jollier.

Available from MidoriCrafts

3. Colour Weave Basket by LoveBohemians

3 Colour Weave Basket

Looking for handmade baskets for sale that are both roomy and colorful? Look no further than this handwoven ones which feature a mesmerizing mix of purple, blue and pink. Get one or more, scatter them around the house and store anything from house slippers to newspapers or even logs for the fireplace.

Eco-friendly, ethically produced and entirely hand made, each instance sold is unique. The material used to make them is harvested from the Doum plant which grows wild throughout the Moroccan countryside – that would be one explanation for its irresistible charm. :)

Available from LoveBohemians

4. Buttocks Basket, Appalachian Basket by WeavingArt

4 Appalachian Basket

Quite possibly the star of today’s handmade hunt, this superb basket is a sight to behold. Halfway between an art piece and a practical storage item, its undeniably charming looks will command all the attention, all the time. Made from 2 oak wood hoops and featuring a rib construction that makes its unique color palette stand out, this superb basket stands out as a strong and sturdy piece which you can use both at home and away.

Hand made and hand dyed to order, the basket is available in other color schemes, too. Simply check out the listed palette and convo the seller for more info.

Available from WeavingArt

5. Twisted Basket by SomethingInTheBox

5 Twisted Basket

Let’s just take a few seconds to recover from the unique beauty of this swirly basket.

Good. Now…

Seriously, who would have thought that a basket can be both romantic, practical and cool at the same time? Hand twisted out of natural red vine, each one of these woven baskets is a one of a kind piece. The handles, which are made of rubber wood with a dark brown finishing, are tied with the basket with thin leather strips.

Use it for storing sweet little nothings around the house, for taking it along on a picnic outing or simply use it as a flower-filled decoration piece if you have a big event coming up… there’s nothing that this basket can’t do.

Available from SomethingInTheBox

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores