5 Creative Handmade Baby Gifts

Buying gifts for a newborn baby or its mother can be quite the conundrum. What could you get so that it’s not just pretty to look at, but also functional? If you’re invited to a baby shower or to a family celebration, the stakes will be even higher… Good thing we’ve got a solution for your dilemma! Five solutions, to be more precise.

Below you’ll find the cutest round-up of handmade baby gifts on Etsy right now: from a stand-out pacifier clip to various interior décor items suitable nurseries, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Go!

1. Pacifier With Initial Of The First Name For Baby by LittleHipsterBoys

1 Pacifier with initial of the first name for baby

How stunning is this wooden pacifier clip? This accessory delivers practicality while also looking impossibly cute. The round beads and the geometric shapes are all made out of wood and painted in an array of pastel colors – choose your favorite! Not only that, but the baby’s initial can also be featured on one of the wood cubes, sandwiched between two hearts. Awww! The pacifier accessory complies with the European regulations regarding products meant for children. For more details on the subject (and for more pictures of this simple, yet fabulous item), access the link above.

Available from LittleHipsterBoys

2. Cloud Light by LilSpaces

2 Cloud light

This is just… something else! If you’re looking for a baby gift that will make a lasting impression, this is IT. This majestic cloud light is almost as impressive as the real deal. Seeing it hanging from the ceiling will inspire, enlighten and fascinate children and adults alike. So it would make a lovely addition to a nursery, but it can also be kept around as the child grows. Magical! The cloud is available in two sizes (large or small) and each one is sculpted by hand out of 100% natural botanical fibre. The battery-powered light will even project some stars and a crescent moon on the ceiling! For the full list of details and specs, head on to the product’s link.

Available from LilSpaces

3. Hot Air Balloons mobile by Nuppi

3 Hot Air Balloons mobile

There’s always room for one more cute mobile in a baby’s nursery, so why not go with this as a gift idea? Boasting a palette of soft, pastel colors, this mobile would be suitable for both a baby girl or a baby boy. The balloons are made by hand using high-quality cotton fabric and card stock, while the baskets are made from denim and decorated with a cute button. The sellers are available for custom orders, should you have your heart set on a specific array of hues. But before you take the final decision, hop over to the shop and browse through the entire mobile selection. There are plenty more where this came from! :)

Available from Nuppi

4. Circus Horse Baby Rattle by EmyAnnie

4 Circus Horse Baby Rattle

Part of the shop’s Spring/Summer 2016 circus-themed collection, this handmade rattle has a charm of its own! It is hand made out of eco-friendly felt and stuffed with non-allergenic stuffing. And, as a final touch, it carries a soft musical rattle insert. The amount of care and attention to detail that goes into every one of these is impressive: each rattle is hand inspected for quality before it gets sent out. A superb present, through and through! Find it via the link above.

Available from EmyAnnie

5. Tractor Nightlight by HappyMoonLV

5 Tractor nightlight

This wooden tractor can sure put on a show! Used as a freestanding décor or wall-mounted as a night light, the tractor can make nightfall a little less scary. Handcrafted out of Latvian plywood, the tractor has a CE certification for its electrical components. The outside is finished with high quality water-based paint, so that the end result is simply mesmerizing. For more details about its components and features make sure to visit the link above. You won’t regret it! ;)

Available from HappyMoonLV

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores