The Very Best Handmade Aprons

You know what? There’s no good reason not to look your best while doing housework. And, if you don’t want to sacrifice your favorite clothes (completely understandable!) by abiding to this mantra, a fabulous apron will be your best bet. In this day and age, aprons come in various shapes, sizes and materials – waxed canvas, linen or leather are just some of the many options. Regardless if you spend time in the kitchen, in your workshop or out in the garden, these handmade aprons will protect you from spills and dirt. So which one is right FOR YOU? The only way to find out is to keep reading:

1. Linen Apron by SondeflorShop

1 Linen Apron

Let’s start off the list with an adorable pink apron! Oozing romantic vibes, this high quality apron will dutifully keep you clean even during your wildest kitchen experiment! Cooking your meals all wrapped up in this will make life seem like a fairy-tale… especially since it has two inconspicuous side pockets where you can hide secret ingredients or treats. ;) The product is hand made, to order, out of 100% linen. For more details, click through its link above.

Available from SondeflorShop

2. Handprint Apron Sicilian Tiles by ElenaScarlata

2 Handprint Apron Sicilian tiles

Hailing from sunny Italy, this wonderful apron is hand made and hand printed with eco-friendly dyes. Its blue and white mix is mesmerizingly beautiful and the design truly comes to life thanks to the solid blue details and the slightly off-center pocket. Absolutely gorgeous! But there’s more to it than meets the eye: the apron is vegetarian friendly and made out of organic cotton. This kind of material is not only friendly to our planet, it is also beneficial for you, since it involves none of the toxic chemicals used in regular cotton processing… Got you thinking? Read more about the benefits and view the item in more detail.

Available from ElenaScarlata



This up-and-coming Etsy shop specializes in leather aprons… but not just any aprons! Hand made in the heart of Holland, the Specklab aprons are crafted out of genuine Dutch leather. So you just know it will withstand any test you put them to. This camel-hued one would be a superb choice if you’re looking to make a timeless statement. The neck brace and the waistband are made of natural, un-dyed leather. Gorgeous! Easy to clean with water and super versatile, this is the ideal accessory for a wide range of activities or professions. Anyone from chefs and baristas to barbers will certainly enjoy it. :) Click above for more pictures and details.

Available from SPEKLAB

4. Men’s & Women’s High-Quality Waxed Canvas Apron by RibbonPressCA

4 Men's & Women's High-Quality Waxed Canvas Apron


Amazing, isn’t it? Hand made from a traditional waxed canvas material, this apron looks beautiful and will always stay that way: it will develop an expressive, cracked patina over time. Very tough to taint and a great repeller for liquids, it is the perfect choice if you enjoy cooking regularly or barbecuing. Or, if you’re a business owner, having all your staff wear these matching aprons will give your place a unified, branded feeling. Available in green or natural and in both men’s and women’s sizes, it comes with a large pocket in the front and a leather patch on the lower left corner. To read more about manufacturing and customization, check the description via the direct link above – you won’t regret it!

Available from RibbonPressCA

5. MINI-malist Kids 3 Pocket Apron by MINImalist2015

5 MINI-malist Kids 3 Pocket Apron SALE

Aww, isn’t this the cutest? Let your kids unleash their creativity and be messy! And don’t think about stains: they’ll be kept at bay with this impossibly adorable 3 pocket apron. Suitable for both girls and boys, the apron is made out of denim and comes in two color-ways: indigo and khaki. The pockets are also a very handy detail, as your child can quickly stash away their favorite knick-knacks. This is a must-have accessory for when your little helper wants to keep you company in the kitchen. Or for the times when painting a masterpiece becomes a top priority. ;) Fun and laughter all around! The original listing can be found by accessing the link above.

Available from MINImalist2015

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores