The Cutest Amigurumi Animals. Ever!

These handmade amigurumi animals may look colorful and cute, but make no mistake: they are very well suited as decorations or companions for adults. Their small size and often endearing expression make them a welcome everyday sight. Think about it: regardless if you choose to place them on your desk, on one of your shelves or, why not, in your bag, these animals will surely brighten up the dullest of days.

Before your proceed, note that they are generally not intended for small kids or for pets, due to chocking hazard concerns. Therefore, consider these amigurumi cuties to be collectibles or decorations rather then toys per se. With all this said, proceed to picking your favorites!

1. MADE to ORDER – Amigurumi Sitting Frog by MevvSan

1 Amigurumi Sitting Frog

This sitting frog is sure to collect lots of amused stares! Not only that, but thanks to its bendable extremities, it can be adapted to almost any sitting position: legs bent, sitting on a bench or just lounging on one side… this should be a super fun frog to have around. The animal is carefully handcrafted out of 100% soft acrylic yarn and polyester fiberfill, and then finished with safety eyes. The end result is a vegan-friendly product. Finally, you should know that this product will be made to order and that it can take 3-10 days to complete. For a more accurate time estimate or for custom colors, feel free to message the seller. :) The direct link to the listing can be found above.

Available from MevvSan

2. Stuffed Narwhal Plush by mohustore

2 stuffed narwhal plush

To quote its creator, “A mini narwhal is a funny thing.” And indeed, it is! It may have something to do with its adorable size and proportions, yes, but also with its color scheme and all the endearing details. Its little horn is made out of polymer clay, while the narwhal itself is crocheted using 100% wool and filled with recycled polyester stuffing. The animal is available in two color options: purple (pictured) and a dark, sea green hue (see it in its listing). You can order the narwhal as is, or you can opt for a hanging loop. That way, you could hang it as an ornament wherever your heart desires. Cool, right? The link to it can be found above.

Available from mohustore

3. Amigurumi Penguin by TheWanderingDeer

3 Amigurumi Penguin

Will you succumb to the cuteness? This tiny lovable penguin can become an awesome companion for all of your daily adventures! Its small size allows you to either keep it as a home décor item or… to carry it around with you! You have three options to choose from when ordering: just the penguin, the penguin plus keychain or the penguin plus phone plug. Fun times, right? :) The product will be hand made to order and custom requests are accepted. As for materials, the penguin is crafted out of 100% acrylic yarn, filled with fiberfill and finished with two little plastic beads for the eyes. The belly is hand embroidered white felt. Magical and impossibly kawaii! See the listing via the link above.

Available from TheWanderingDeer

4. My Melody Amigurumi by judithchen

4 my melody amigurumi

What could possibly be sweeter than a white amigurumi bunny? A white amigurumi bunny with a pink bonnet, that’s what! Awww! This pocket-sized cutie would be perfect as a small companion for yourself or for someone you love. That’s a great gift idea right there! The bunny is hand made from cotton yarn and has hand embroidered eyes and sheer pink cheeks. The attention to details is incredible! Hailing from the up-and-coming shop Judith Chen, this bunny is part of the shop’s spring sale inventory. Hop over for full deets.

Available from judithchen

5. Amigurumi Pug by Owlystore


A pug is irresistible in real life, so it comes as no surprise that its amigurumi counterpart gives it a (good) run for its money. Look at this tiny sitting puppy, with its cute stance! The instant appeal is hard to bypass. But then again, you don’t have to. :) It would make a gorgeous gift either for yourself or for a passionate dog lover. This charming pup comes along with the red heart you see in the photo, so yes: double the cuteness! The best part though? It is also possible to make a personalized version of your dog, if you want to. Contact the seller for the details – the link to the listing is above.

Available from Owlystore

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores