Handcrafted Kids Furniture

Say what you will, but shopping for kids’ furniture is one of most delightful experiences a parent can have. You know how real the hustle to find the right pieces can get, but you also know that the adorable designs make it all worth it. So, here’s what: if you’re in the middle of a new interior decoration project right now or you’re about to start one, this list will help you narrow down the options. Below, you’ll find a short selection of the coolest handcrafted kids furniture pieces available on Etsy right now. A stool, a bench, a bookcase, a soft rocking horse and even a baby cradle will provide you with enough inspiration and shopping ideas to (re)decorate a room of any size. Let the fun begin!

1. Wooden dog bench for kids by GoodMoodWoods

1 Wooden dog bench for kids

This slender wooden bench is super adorable! Made to resemble a cute little dog (those spread out legs! the neck! the funny ears!), it wonderfully blends usability with looks. And, of course, it would make an inspiring addition to the kids’ room. The item is made from ash wood and finished in beeswax and pure vegetable oils. The legs and the neck can be unscrewed, which makes the “dog” easy to transport or to move around. One last important detail is that the stool can be personalized. Head to the link above to check out the listing.

Available from GoodMoodWoods

2. Jugglers | A colorful bookcase with drawers by moebelebt

2 Jugglers A colorful bookcase with drawers

Isn’t this the HAPPIEST bookcase ever? Part of the Kinnies series, Jugglers is all about unique design, fun and, of course, functionality. The knobs, the shape of the drawers, the cute outlines… there’s lots to love about this personality-filled bookcase! Will you welcome it into your home? It promises to bring along loads of fun! The product was designed and developed with practicality in minds, so it will be easy to assemble. Lastly, the colors are customizable, so you can choose your preferred combination. There’s a handy guide in the last image of the listing. Go check it out now! :) The direct link is right above.

Available from moebelebt

3. Rocking horse GOOGY – Into the wild by GOOGYrockinghorse

3 Rocking horse GOOGY Into the wild

Every kid should have a rocking horse! Hand crafted out the finest materials using traditional techniques, the Googy rocking horse will last generations with little maintenance. Doesn’t that sound sublime? Googy is challenging the rocking horse status quo by mixing a shape that is difficult to overturn with the appeal of soft plushy toys. With an inviting fuzziness, rounded corners and a well-cushioned surface, this is a safe, fun and VERY good looking piece. So why not take a step further and make Googy the focal point of the nursery or of the living room? It will fit in even with the most fashionable of interiors. Check it out in the link above.

Available from GOOGYrockinghorse

4. Baby Cradle by AsheryFurniture

4 Baby Cradle

Halfway between a piece of art and a practical object, this gorgeous cradle is beyond amazing! Mixing together a little antique style inspiration, bits of modern influences and a lot of imagination, the resulting design is every bit as sophisticated as you’d imagine it to be and very, very chic! The woods that were used to make it are ash and oak, and the cradle is finished with oilwax – safe for babies to touch and to chew on! Other features are: easy handling, zero squeaking and a very handy stop-swinging function. It has everything it takes to make babies fall asleep quicker and easier. Ok, now you must go and check it out by yourself – the link is waiting for you above.

Available from AsheryFurniture

5. Stool Chair by StudioZoethout

5 stool chair

Look at this lovable stool! Look at it! Doesn’t it instantly put a smile on your face? As its makers say, if you’ve ever wanted to sit on a could, this your chance! :) Suitable for all people, big or small, this chair will carry you to greater heights and will bring you happy thoughts. No doubt about it: its smiling face can brighten up any home. The stool is handmade from tulip tree wood and is available in wholesale orders. You can find more details on the product page – link’s above!

Available from StudioZoethout

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores