Green Up! Top 5 Planters On Etsy

Winter may not be gone yet, but that shouldn’t stop you from paying a bit of extra attention to your plants right now! You can already start shopping for new pots, so that you’ll have them on hand when spring arrives:

1. Triangle Planter With Gold Stripes by PotteryLodge

1 Triangle Planter with Gold

Say yes to this cute little geometric planter! Handcrafted and with 22k gold stripes all around, this beauty will make any small plant or succulent stand out.

Available from PotteryLodge

2. Patterned Pottery Planter by susansimonini

2 Patterned Pottery Planter

If you’re leaning towards a more classical approach, then this terracotta planter will steal your heart. Its delicate floral pattern will make it look great on a window sill or, why not, on your desk.

Available from susansimonini

3. Graphyne Planter by lightandladder

3 Graphyne Planter

Finally, something for the bigger plants out there! This handmade hexagonal planter features a drainage tray with architectural cut-outs that becomes the focus of the entire ensemble, rather than a mere afterthought. So much for convention, eh?

Available from lightandladder

4. Succulent Monogrammed Initial Letter Planter by RootedInSucculents

4 Succulent Planter Monogrammed or Numbers

A monogrammed planter may sound cool enough, but when it comes with a smashing array of succulents already in it, you know you’ve hit the jackpot! Select you favorite letter and color to get started. So nice!

Available from RootedInSucculents

5. Kioto Wintertime Ceramic Hand-Painted Planters by HOUZY

Just when you thought nothing could top the previous plant container (see above), along comes this darling set of house-like planters to make you change your mind. Poking through the rooftop of each of the 3 houses, your plants will make this ensemble look like a miniature lived-in neighborhood. A very green one, that is.

Available from HOUZY

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores