Easter Crafts For Preschoolers

Yes it maybe a little early! We haven’t even reached Christmas yet! But, we are getting festive and we LOVE to be prepared! When Easter arrives we begin to look for things to make the most of the time we get with our family! Apart from ways and means by which the event can be made memorable, there also is the need to look at some well thought out Easter crafts for preschoolers and the young ones.

They need it more than anybody else because it becomes an important part of their celebration. Historically and culturally it has been known that Easter and crafts go well together. Further Easter is also famous for eggs and the various ways and means by which it can be decorated. So let us put some ideas out there, try and find out ways and means by which eggs and other things can be used to make good Easter crafts.

Real Eggs May Be Too Much For Them

While there is hardly any doubt that little children would hardly find it convenient to play with real egg and it will be only a few seconds before they make a mess out of it. Hence it would not be a bad idea to try something else out. Opting for play dough or plastic or even clay could be good ideas. They make extremely good substitutes for eggs and it could be shaped and molded as one would like them to be. However, if you are a brave parent you could try out real eggs. However, you must ensure that they are hard boiled. This will prevent breakage of eggs as the slip out of the hand of the little ones and land on the floor with a thud.

Afraid That Eggs & Dyes Might Be A Bit Risky With The Kids?

If you feel that bringing in eggs and dyes could be a little risky, you need not worry. There are other options available too. You could try out making stained glass Easter eggs too. You could use waxed paper or contact paper for this purpose. This might take some time but once the shapes have been cut out, they could be decorated with the help of tissue paper. Glitter and other such substances can also be used. Anything that is available or unused on the cupboard for craft supplies could also be made use of. When using wax paper one should not overlook the importance of using a bit of glue so that the tissue paper gets stuck properly.

Coffee Filters Could Also Be A Great Choice

Apart from tissue paper one could also try and use coffee filter for making eggs. This involves a bit of hard work but is worth the effort. All that is required is cutting out a few egg shape using coffee filters. A few of them could be given to each child. The children could be assigned the job of decorating the eggs. For decoration purposes, making use of spray bottled filled with paint that is watered-down could be a great idea. If done properly it could have a wonderful impact. Children could also be given some markers which they can make use to decorate the eggs. If done properly it could well and truly give a wonderful impact.

Nests Could Also Be A Great Option

If you are one of those who is on the lookout for an offbeat Easter Crafts for preschoolers, you could ask children to make nest of bird’s using mud or clay. They could also make intelligent use of twigs, sticks, and other natural things that they can lay their hands on. There are other suitable materials too that could be thought but for this to happen the weather should not play spoilsport. Hence this certainly is a wonderful, easy to do and interesting crafts idea.

Rabbits also can make great Easter crafts ideas. Making them is not a big task and simple paper plates could be used for the purpose. Each child should be given one paper plate and the right eye holes to cut. The children can be encouraged to be inventive, simply use some string and yarn to complete the mask! These kinds of projects kids love!

At the end of the day there is hardly any doubt that there are many ideas as far as these Easter crafts are concerned. It is all about being in touch with the right source of information at all points of time.

If that fails we suggest checking out Craftsy for some great Craft Courses/Supply ideas!