Bookmark Now: 5 Inspired Gift Ideas For Your Coworkers

Ever had to figure out what gift to buy for one of your coworkers and thought “There’s no way I’ll ever nail this.”?

The struggle can sometimes get terribly real.

What to do, what to do?

Where can you get something that is somewhat practical, is suitable for the workplace and still makes sense with his or her lifestyle?

On Etsy, of course!

Guess what: we’ve got some brilliant ideas, if we do say so ourselves. Right below you’ll find 5 gift ideas for coworkers that have all the potential to make them squeak with joy. Yes, they’re that good!

No more fancy talk – let’s dive right in:

1. Dinosaur Magnets by OriginalAnimalMagnet

1 dinosaur magnets

Super fun, original and useful, these dinosaur magnets will certainly put a smile on their owner’s face! The set includes 4 dinosaur heads plus 4 dinosaur butts and all of them come in a custom-stamped muslin bag. That means they’re ready to gift right off. Phew! No more packaging headaches there! :) The magnets can be used to hold up notes, cards or even full-sized sheets of paper containing super-important information. Perfect! Head over to the link above to shop ’em!

Available from OriginalAnimalMagnet

2. Leather Phone Case by 9FloorStudio

2 Leather Phone Case

Smartphones are fun and all… until they get scratched. Oh, well. Apparently you can’t have it all! What you do have, however, is a cool workaround. There’s a super-elegant way to prevent this impending doom: a fancy phone case! This tasteful case is made from high-quality genuine leather and is entirely stitched by hand. Inside, it has a slot for a phone and another for credit cards or cash. The greatest grab-and-go-to-lunch accessory ever! PS: It can be personalized (initials, wristlet strap, cross-body strap etc.), it comes in 5 different colors and it can be customized to suit any device – pick your fave from the link above!

Available from 9FloorStudio

3. Men Zipper Pouch by AtelierSettembre

3 Men zipper pouch for stationery

This simple, yet chic pouch will keep all of one’s small essentials in a single place. Perfect for pencils, keys, loose coins or any other knickknacks, it can be kept around on the desk, in the bag or even taken along to a meeting. You don’t have to think hard about who to give it to, either: its elegant design and pattern make it suitable for both men and women. And, as a final detail, note that the pouch is made from cotton and that it has an elegant chrome zipper. Fancy! Hurry up to the link above to see its full listing.

Available from AtelierSettembre

4. Desk Business Card Holder by Nostalgianmore

5 Desk Business Card Holder

Meet the ultimate desk décor item: a gray and white stained glass business card holder. Let’s just take a moment to admire its greatness, shall we?

Oh yes!

This product was hand made from specialty art glass and it has rolled and curved edges for an added flair. So fabulous! A show-stopping office accessory if ever there was one. You simply must check it out and add it to your shopping list. Click the link above to land on its page and snoop around for other equally gorgeous alternatives. ;)

Available from Nostalgianmore

5. Business Card Holder by Woodstorming

4 Business card holder

The ultimate office accessory, a business card dock is indeed a must-have on every professional’s desk. However, things get a little trickier once you leave the office… How do you store your cards properly when you’re out and about? Here’s how: with this incredible wooden case! Boasting a fresh and contemporary design, it takes the guessing game out of the eternal “Where did I put my cards again?” question. And, of course, it makes for a VERY impressive gift for any of your lucky coworkers. Ready to learn more about it? See the original listing now!

Available from Woodstorming

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores

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