Finding Inspiration As An Artist

As a creative have you ever found yourself struggling to come up with ideas and inspiration?

Though many artists are inspired when they are in the midst of their work, many others look for direction and concept before they begin working on their masterpiece!

Today I’m going to share some great ways to find inspiration as an artist to avoid falling into an uninspired rut.

Take a Walk

I live in New York City. There is inspiration EVERYWHERE you go from the architecture skyscrapers hold to the interesting fashion statements many New Yorkers like to make. Of course, everyone doesn’t live in NYC though, so how do you find inspiration while going for a stroll? Take it all in! Look at everything around you. The clouds in the sky, the grass and flowers, the leaves on trees, buildings, cars, even window-shopping can help. Look at the details on all of the things you see, they can inspire designs, patterns, colors and shapes.

Visit a Museum or an Art Gallery

This idea kind of speaks for itself. Museums and art galleries are loaded with inspiration. I would suggest taking a camera or sketchbook with you. Ideas come to my mind at random moments through out the day, I’m sure things will come to you as you wander. Jot down ideas as they come, note colors that stimulate your mind and take photos of pieces that influence you as this will all be beneficial to you when it comes time to work on your own artwork.

Keep your Art Supplies and Tools Accessible

When you’re feeling inspired or a thought comes to mind the last thing you want to do is search for art supplies. You should have supplies readily available to you so that you can create when ideas come to mind. Art supplies have also been known to actually inspire artists. So keep those precious gems at arms reach!

Listen to Music

I personally can’t work without it. Music moves my soul. Some may feel it’s distracting but most find it to be very relaxing and helpful when working on creative projects. Give it a whirl! Try different genres to see how each one affects you will you work. You never know what it could inspire!

Start an Art Journal

Art journals are bound journals that hold art and words that help to express yourself. This is a great way to keep inspired. Fill your journal with clippings, colors, patterns, ideas and other creative pieces that you love. When you’re feeling uninspired, I would suggest your art journal be the first thing you turn to.

Surf Pinterest

For those of you who may not know what Pinterest is, it’s an online pin board that allows you to pin your favorite images to creative boards you can make in your own profile. You can also pretty much pin anything you want to keep for later reference. I love surfing Pinterest for inspiration. From fun DIY projects, to interior design inspiration, color swatches, prints and patterns; there is absolutely no way this site couldn’t bring inspiration to mind.

Take a Trip to your Local Bookstore

Books are a great way to get inspired and not only through images but words as well. I love reading books written by people just like you and I. Artists or creatives that had a vision or a passion that they didn’t give up on until they made it their reality. Success stories like this will inspire you for days!!

Network with other Artists

Many artists tend to be introverts or prefer to work alone but I always suggest meeting others like yourself. Being around other creative minds will only inspire more creativity. You can bounce ideas off each other, listen to what others have been doing that is working well for them, ask questions, etc. This is a great way to get and stay inspired.

Inspiration is the true root of every artist. We couldn’t create without it. Find what works for you and don’t be afraid to try new and different things. Inspiration will always me amongst us, you just have to open yourself to it.

“A true artist is not one that is inspired, but one that inspires others”. –Salvador Dali

Writer, Taina Cunningham

Fresh Wood Studio