The Best Women’s Clothing On Etsy

It might be hard to believe that you’ll find the clothes of your dreams on Etsy.

With all the high-street options out there, it seems highly improbable, right?


The following women’s clothes are all made by their designers with infinite love and care. And the attention that goes into crafting each and every one of them is truly astonishing!

Oh, and here’s the ultimate advantage: the chances of running into someone else wearing the same thing as you are close to none. How’s that for wardrobe goals?

Five unique designs are waiting for you below. Time to shop, shop, shop:

1. Black & White Dress by Fraktura

Fraktura is a fashion studio dedicated to creating high-quality, comfortable and stylish clothes. The handmade products in the shop are all simply stunning. They have beautiful, streamlined designs that make them perfect for everyday wear.

An example? This gorgeous oversized stripped dress. It is a superb piece to wear all day and into the night: from the office straight to the party. You can also opt to wear it as a tunic if you like that cool, layered look for in-between seasons. Find it via the link above.

Available from Fraktura

2. Tiger Print Blouse by ALUMAhandmade

ALUMAhandmade is a shop focusing on high-fashion handmade clothing. Each piece is one-of-a-kind and incredibly special. Ideal for every woman who wants to wear something that expresses her personality while also being comfortable and chic.

And speaking of expressing your personality… what better way to do it that with a vibrant blouse like this one? A stunning tiger pattern, yellow and black come together effortlessly and bring to life one of the coolest prints ever. A superb top to pair with black jeans or skirts! Shop it via the link above.

Available from ALUMAhandmade

3. Ren Coat Wool & Cashmere Coat by Metaformose

MétaFormose is a Taiwan-based atelier that creates small batches of handmade clothes and accessories. The brand is well-know among the industry influencers and has been featured in numerous magazines. Eclectic and captivating, the MétaFormose clothes blend the old with the new in ever surprising ways.

The perfect way to experience the brand? Through this gorgeous coat! Featuring an open front, wide lapels and an unforgettable silhouette, this coat would be the ultimate companion piece for winter in the city. The direct link is above.

Available from Metaformose

4. Toile de Jouy Skirt by CruelCandy

4 Toile de Jouy skirt

CruelCandy is an Athens-based brand that creates handmade clothing in whimsical colors and prints. Just look at this charming skirt!

Hand made out of Toile de Jouy fabric, this is a high-waisted skirt with soft pleats and with an exposed zipper at the back. A superb addition to any wardrobe! The skirt can be custom made in any size or length and it’s also available in blue. A must-have, for sure! Find it in the shop, along with other prints and matching crop tops and bustiers. Go, go, go!

Available from CruelCandy

5. Knitted Poncho by KnitwearFactory

Knitwear Factory by Małgorzata Drozd offers knitwear and accessories for modern women. Versatile and classically gorgeous, her creations are irresistible, chic and comfortable. You simply have to have one!

So why not start with this knitted-poncho? Ideal as everyday wear, or as a wedding as per the image, this elegant sweater will keep you warm no matter what. The poncho is available in a myriad of colors, so there are more than enough options to choose from. Head over to the link above for full details. Happy shopping!

Available from KnitwearFactory

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Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores