Beautiful Handmade Umbrellas & Rain Accessories

Ok, so regular umbrellas might not be the most glamorous accessories in the entire world. In fact, many people see them as strictly functional items which only get screen time when it’s pouring outside.

Well, what if we told you it doesn’t have to be this way?

Umbrellas can easily become your chicest accessories ever! Especially when they are as sleek as the ones we’ve listed below. ;)

Hand painted or hand crocheted, these stunning handmade umbrellas will make you feel like time stood still. The incredible craftsmanship that went into them is simply astonishing! Oh, and we’ve listed a couple of fun accessories that are perfect for everyday use.

1. Hand Painted Black Parasol by HolyCowproducts

1 Hand Painted Black Parasol

Specializing in one-off, totally unique handmade products, the Holy Cow shop makes some of the finest parasols on Etsy. Just take a look at this beauty! The gorgeous umbrella is entirely handmade out of cotton and bamboo and it’s hand painted to perfection. Its mesmerizing golden motifs are really something, aren’t they?

And don’t fret if black is not exactly your color. Holy Cow make these parasols in a large variety of colors, so you’re sure to find something that’ll make you smile. Head to the link above for all the details.

Available form HolyCowproducts

2. Handsfree Shoulder Bag for Rain Umbrella by UMBAAG

2 Handsfree Shoulder Bag for Rain Umbrella

Putting away your wet umbrella when you step inside can be such a hassle: water keeps dripping out of it, you don’t have anywhere to put it without getting your bag damp or, worse yet, the space you’ve just entered doesn’t have an umbrella stand. Ugh.

Here’s the good news though: UMBAAG on Etsy has solved all your rainy day dilemmas! This handsfree shoulder bag will fit all known classic umbrellas, while freeing your hands so you can easily carry your grocery bags or take-away coffee. No more scrambling! UMBAAG the shoulder bag will make your life sooo much easier! Suitable as a gift, too. Check it out via the link above.

Available from UMBAAG

3. Black Tulip Umbrella by ModernCrochetClub

3 BLACK TULIP umbrella

Gorgeous, right? Coming from ModernCrochetClub, an Etsy shop focusing on accessories with a romantic and boho-chic twist, this umbrella can make such a statement! It is handmade out of 100% black mercerized cotton with lots of care and attention.

This is exactly the type of accessory that can be used for multiple purposes: worn with an evening dress at a fancy outing, paired with an extravagant costume for Halloween or simply used as a photo prop at a decadent photo session. What a stunner! For more details, sizes and custom colors, view its listing page.

Available from ModernCrochetClub

4. Umbrella Bag by SalutlesCopines

4 Umbrella bag

So cute! This rainy day accessory from SalutlesCopines will instantly brighten up your mood when the weather is… less than ideal. Coming in a sweet and colourful floral print, this bag will help you put away your umbrella neatly, while keeping everything else you own nice and dry.

Whenever you enter a restaurant, cinema, metro, train or grocery store, pull out this cute bag from the pocket, tuck your umbrella inside of it and throw it into your bag or purse. Not more need to hold on to a drippy umbrella or to remember to pick it up from the stand on your way out. More styles available in the shop! Go see.

Available from SalutlesCopines

5. White Lace Parasol by Etelina

5 Wedding Umbrella

How romantic! This superb white lace umbrella from Etelina is the ultimate accessory for the nostalgic or bohemian bride, but it’ll also make an incredible prop for photo sessions or any other special occasions.

Hand crafted out of 100% white cotton yarn after an original design, this stop-and-stare accessory is just the kind of item that can make any event feel a lot more glamorous. Excited? See its listing now and browse around to see a few more similar parasols – you’re bound to find one to fall in love with!

Available from Etelina

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores