5 Habits That All Successful Etsy Sellers Have In Common

Are you an Etsy shop owner?

Have you ever wondered “how to become a successful Etsy seller”?

Good. Because today we’ll uncover the top habits successful Etsy sellers have in common – take notes and you’ll soon follow them in their footsteps:

Successful Etsy Sellers…

… Have Found Their Niche

etsy success INSTA sizeIn the sea of products and shops on Etsy, it’s really tough to stand out if you’re selling everything to everyone. The answer? Pick your niche!

It may sound counterintuitive at first: if your market is smaller, that should only decrease your chances of anyone buying anything, right?


Identifying a clear niche that is small enough for you to dominate, yet big enough to generate enough sales will not only rightfully position you on the Etsy map, but will also make you identifiable.

Successful Etsy owners have already gotten this down to a science: from concrete products to knitted mittens or to wicker baskets, examples are endless.

What is you niche?

… Pay Close Attention To Branding

You know what they say… you don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression.

If you don’t seize their attention at the first glance, your customers will drift away straight to your competition.

Avoid that by making sure that everything from your photography to your shop identity and to your write-ups conveys a single, unique and recognizable point-of-view.

Easier said than done, right? Start on the right foot by polishing your visuals. Here are some posts to help you:

… Always Have Top-Notch Photos

unsplash-desk-photo-webThis one’s non-negotiable.

Photos are THE no.1 thing that attracts visitors to your shop. Think of product photography as the gateway to Etsy success. If you’re just getting started, make sure you get this right before moving on to descriptions.

Besides getting crisp and clear photos, try to convey as many details about the products as possible. Your visitors don’t get to see your products in real life, so make sure your photos present every angle and feature.

Bonus Tip: Save the (presentable) outtakes for later sharing on your social media channels.

… Listen Closely To Their Customers

Going above and beyond in satisfying every customer request may be tough, but it can also bring satisfaction. Raving reviews highlighting your excellent services plus a five-star feedback play a major role in turning the next visitor into a client.

Go about this by establishing your policies and sticking to them. Think about refund conditions, replacements if the product gets damaged in transit, availability for special orders etc.

You know you’ve hit the jackpot when clients are so satisfied with their purchase, they also include their own photos of your product in the review. Work towards that!

… Extend Their Presence Beyond Etsy

unsplash-desk-chair-creativity-photo-webGive your friends, customers and visitors a way to connect with you outside of Etsy. Think: a stop-and-stare Instagram account and/or a friendly Facebook page.

Make sure you customize the content specifically for that platform and don’t duplicate it. If Instagram relies more on visuals (and is excellent for sharing behind-the-scene tidbits), Facebook is a place where you can express yourself in writing. Share a struggle you’re been through, ask questions or even shoot a quick live video so that your fans get a glimpse of your process.

Bonus Tip: Make sure that all your existing social media accounts are active and up-to-date. If you aren’t using an account, it’s time to delete it. There’s nothing worse than an abandoned profile, whatever the platform may be.

That’s a wrap!

What are your success heralding habits? Share, we’re listening!

Photos via unsplash.com