Etsy Stamps For Every Occasion

You know what is the easiest way to take your stationery to the next level with a minimal time investment? Spoiler alert: you probably do.

It’s by using a stamp.

Just think about it: a top-notch, handmade stamp will make the end result look nice and put together. Plus, you’ll finish personalizing your stacks of invites, thank-you cards or packaging in no time.

Oh, and if you go for a fun and playful design, you can count on it to entertain your kids for a little while longer than usual… just make sure there are enough sheets of paper available. :)

Enough with the chit-chat. Your ideal stamp, right this way:

1. To and From Rubber Stamp by StampYoFace

1 To and From Rubber Stamp

The two-person team behind Stamp Yo Face! personally create an incredible array of stamps from start to finish. And it shows! Just look at the perfection that is this cool “To and From” stamp. Ideal for adding a personal touch to cards, gifts or various packaging, it can single-handedly take the finished creation from “blah” to “amazing”. All you have to do is to fill in the name and it’ll be ready to go. Simple and charming – check it out now via the link above.

Available from StampYoFace

2. Hand Knit Rubber Stamp from oldislandstamps

2 il_fullxfull.335171881

How. Awesome. Is. This? The Old Island Stamp Company specialize in original, hand crafted rubber art stamps, all just as exceptional as this one. A thoughtful gift for a knitter, this particular stamp shows a ball of wool and a pair of knitting needles, alongside a “Knitted by:” text. Thanks to its versatile format, the text part can be covered before stamping so that just the illustration shows through. Double duty, right there! See the listing for this maple-and-rubber stamp in the link above.

Available from oldislandstamps

3. Simple Wedding Initials And Date Stamp by WoodlandTale

3 Simple wedding initials and date stamp

The Woodland Tale shop sells some of the cutest hand carved stamps on Etsy and this DIY, wedding-theme stamp is no exception. Its simple, yet lovely design is perfect if you’re looking to customize wedding invitations or save the dates in a unique and utterly personal way. The stamp can be used on both paper and fabric and is available in quite a few styles. You can choose to have it as one piece or two pieces (one for the wreath and one for the text). And you can also choose between a mounted or unmounted style. So many options! Head to the product listing for the ordering details.

Available from WoodlandTale

4. Sitting Hare Rubber Stamp by noolibirdstamps

4 Sitting Hare Rubber Stamp

The Noolibird stamps are insanely beautiful works of art with some stunning details. Just look at this sweet little hare for confirmation! :) This particular stamp comes in two sizes and is available for purchase in a variety of pairings, some of which also include variations of the grass stamps in the photo. Nothing more wonderful than a cute little rabbit enjoying its green surroundings, right? See the full listing and the various combos available by following the link above.

Available from noolibirdstamps

5. Bee Hand Carved Rubber Stamp by StudioMo

5 pomegranate hand carved rubber stamp

Whoa, right? This is SUCH a stunner! Melissa, the owner of StudioMo, hand carves, designs and makes these glorious stamps out of high quality rubber linoleum. All her stamps are unmounted because, as she says, this makes them more fun to use and, of course, easier to clean. Cool! Ideal for DIY card making, for personalizing some wrapping paper or even for creating your party invitations, this rubber stamp is pretty irresistible. Find it in the link above along with other equally wonderful designs. Go!

Available from StudioMo

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores