How To Deal With Negative Feedback On Etsy

Getting a negative Etsy feedback can be an unsettling moment for new and for seasoned Etsy sellers alike. If you’ve been pouring your heart and soul into your business, this is when you might feel sad, discouraged or even hurt.


However, don’t lose hope: there are still things that can be done.

Take action as quickly as you can. Then, devise a plan of action so that this doesn’t happen again. How? We’re laying it all below:

How To Deal With Negative Feedback On Etsy… Right Now

Step #1: Don’t Get Worked Up About It

Really: it’s a trap. Never get mad about it and, most importantly, don’t rush to respond to the review in the heat of the moment – you may do irreparable damage.

Step #2: Try To Fix The Situation If Still Possible

How-To-Deal-With-Negative-Feedback-On-Etsy-girl-photo-via-unsplashMaybe you sent out the wrong item. Maybe you personalized it with the wrong name. Or maybe your client just forgot to read the description or the shipping time of the product (and now they’re mad about its small dimensions or about it not having arrived sooner). Whichever the case, directly contact your client and do what you still can to facilitate a resolve. Then encourage them to edit their original review, without publicly responding to it just yet. You’ll find out why at step #3.

Remember: If it’s impossible to fix the issue to both your and your client’s satisfaction, you can always just choose to move on and file the episode under “learning experiences”.

Step #3: Post A Public Response

Whatever terms you and your client ended on, now it’s the time to reply to their review by posting a public response. Your response will appear as threaded in the review section. When composing your answer, keep in mind that you should go for a concise, professional and positive tone. Highlight what you’ve done to fix the situation and focus on the facts, not on your or your client’s subjective opinions. Whatever you choose to say, it will reflect on your business and brand. So choose your words carefully and joyfully. :)

IMPORTANT: Once you post your reply, your client will no longer be able to edit their review. This is the reason why it’s better to try and solve the issue before going forward with posting a public reply. As for the timeframe? You have 60 days to respond, starting from the date when your client last edited their review.

How To Deal With Negative Feedback On Etsy blog and TWHow To Deal With Negative Feedback On Etsy… In The Future

Avoid it altogether!

Here’s what you can do to prevent it:

Update or fill in your policies and item descriptions with diligence. Let your shoppers know of any last-minute changes in policy or shipping times (especially for the busiest times of the year) by using the Announcement section on your shop’s front page.

Clearly communicate with clients and make sure you’re on the same page especially when it comes to personalized items and to shipping or processing times. If you want to go the extra mile, stay in contact with your clients and update them regularly.

Gently encourage clients to give you a positive feedback – and try to resolve any situations before that time comes.

Still conflicted about it? Don’t beat yourself up! Negative feedback can be hard to accept and even harder to deal with.

The bottom line is this: getting the occasional negative review is part of life on Etsy and of what it means to run your own business. Hey, you have to deal with both the good and the bad! Remember… a single negative feedback will not diminish the impact of dozens of positive ones. Learn from it and, most importantly, grow from it. Chin up – you’ll make it to the other side. Good luck and keep hustling!

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