The Most Exquisite Men’s Shoes On Etsy

Classic, funky, eclectic… regardless which style is yours, we’ve found the perfect footwear for you.

From Chelsea boots to Oxfords and Derby shoes, the following list will give you excellent options.

And, as with everything handmade, the details make the difference. Keep an eye out for colorful laces, inimitable finishes and signature features that render each pair an unforgettable accessory. You certainly won’t want to miss out, so get ready to do lots of clicking, bookmarking and shopping.

Without further ado, introducing the most stunning men’s shoes on Etsy:

1. Beige Rock Men’s Leather Shoes by NumeroNoir

1 Beige rock mens leather shoes

Numero Noir is a French brand selling their handmade shoes exclusively online. Their signature emblem, the stag beetle, is placed front and center in every design, making each pair standout, and memorable.

Just look at these gorgeous shoes: designed in Paris and hand made in the Cholet region, they are the direct result of French know-how. Authentic, impeccably made and coming in a limited edition, these are must-haves for any stylish gentleman. And, as a nice bonus, each pair of shoes comes with a pair of embroidered socks. Talk about style! Purchase them via the link above.

Available from NumeroNoir

2. Men’s Chelsea Boots by ADIKILAV

2 Mens Chelsea Boots

Adi Kilav creates classic shoes with a contemporary twist. The shop is chock full of original, colorful and fun designs for both women and men, so there’s a lot to choose from.

The perfect choice for dapper gentlemen with a taste for classic style? A pair of Chelsea boots in blue and brown leather. These high-quality shoes are hand crafted out of leather with the needs and desires of the modern man in mind. The 2,5 cm sole is great for walking and it has a layer of anti-slip protection, too. Strolls around the city will undoubtedly get more fashionable! Head to the link above to order.

Available from ADIKILAV

3. Black Oxford Men’s Shoes by NormanAndBella

3 black oxford men shoes

Norman & Bella offers shoes and accessories hand made from Italian leather. The Tel Aviv-based shop has almost every shoe style that your heart desires, so you’re sure to find something you like in there.

But before you head over, take a few seconds to admire these beautiful Oxford shoes. The classic silhouette is crafted from soft, black leather, with a varnished piping. This is the type of timeless design that will perk up any outfit, no matter how sophisticated or low-key. Get them from the link above and remember to look for the discount codes that come with the purchase of 2 or 3 items from the shop.

Available from NormanAndBella

4. Leather Men’s Shoes by JacopoRidolfiShoes

4 Leather man shoes

Wow, right? This incredible pair of shoes is hand made AND hand painted! The seller, JacopoRidolfiShoes, is a family business with a long tradition of authentic, handcrafted products. All shoes are made in Italy and are of the highest of quality.

Case in point? This stunning pair of Oxfords. Comfortable, waterproof and made to last, these shoes will bring an air of originality into any dapper gentleman’s day-to-day life. Be sure to click over and check them out, along with all the other colorful options available in the shop.

Available from JacopoRidolfiShoes

5. Handmade Illustrated Derby Men’s Shoes by ARAMAshoes

5 Handmade Illustrated Derby Mens shoes

Arama is a footwear brand based in Tel-Aviv, focusing on unisex styles. The high-quality products will leave in you awe, as unique designs meet bold colors and one-of-a-kind illustrations. This is, hands down, one of the coolest shops on Etsy.

One of the top choices? This stop-and-stare pair of Derby shoes is hand crafted out of white calf leather and beautifully finished with a blue lining. They are gorgeously illustrated by Keren Shpilsher and this creative touch transforms them into a wearable piece of art. Ready to make them yours? Shop, shop, shop!

Available from ARAMAshoes

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores