Etsy Home Décor Items – 5 Unique Ideas You’ll LOVE

Oh, yes: there’s nothing like a few rounds of online shopping to spice up your life or… home! ;)

Whether you’ve moved into a new apartment or just want to bring the current lineup of decorations up-to-date, check out these 5 irresistible suggestions!

From a stop-and-stare cushion in the color of the year to a versatile, golden concrete sphere (yes, it’s just as awesome as it sounds!), this rundown covers it all.

Ready to dive right in? Please, go ahead:

1. Dip Dyed Macrame Plant Hanger by MacrameAdventure

1 Dip Dyed Macrame Plant Hanger

Looking for a fresh and fun way to showcase your favorite house plant? Look no further! Macrame Adventure makes insanely beautiful wall hangings that can also nest a pot or a vase. This particular one is dip dyed teal blue and hangs from a driftwood. And if you’re looking for a streamlined look, there’s more good news! This piece is also available with a copper pipe or pine dowel. Just contact the seller with your request. Ready to take your plant game to a new level? Click above for the listing.

Available from MacrameAdventure

2. Sphere Gold – Concrete Home Decor by woodmess

2 Sphere Gold Concrete Home Decor

This simply must be the coolest concrete décor item in the history of concrete décor items! This incredible gold colored sphere flawlessly fuses an effortless vibe with a luxe feel – very chic and… versatile. Why? Because you can use it as a pot or simply as a decorative bowl (just reposition it on its metallic base). Either way, it’s set to steal many admiring looks. Check it out in the link above and see the different angles it can be placed in. Go, go!

Available from woodmess

3. Pure Sheepskin Adjustable Stool Cover from ZubaHomely

3 Pure sheepskin adjustable stool cover from Zuba Homely

On the lookout for some new stools or chairs? Forget that hustle! Keep using your old ones, but give them a fun facelift instead! One of these beautiful stool covers will do a wonderful job of keeping your bottom warm in winter. No to mention, they’ll give your home a cozy touch. Be sure to click over and see the color options and hair lengths available. Oh, and don’t forget to read more about the sheepskin itself too. Pssst: it’s tanned in an eco-friendly manner, whoop-whoop! Go on now, see the original listing!

Available from ZubaHomely

4. Glass Terrarium by AugustGlassDesigns

4 Glass terrarium

There’s no doubt about it: glass terrariums are trending right now. And it’s kind of obvious why… they look stylish, they can be used in countless ways and, last but not least, they’re full of character! So it’s high time you added one to the list of home décor items sourced on Etsy: August Glass Designs crafts handmade glass terrariums that you are bound to love. This particular one? It comes in three sizes, so you can have a whole set of them if you wish. Fill them with succulents, strings of lights, candles… the only limit is your imagination. Click above to purchase!

Available from AugustGlassDesigns

5. Pink Rose Quartz Tassel Cushion Pillow by REWHomeware

5 Pink Rose Quartz Tassel Cushion Pillow

Rose Quartz is one of the Pantone colors of the year! Did you have time to add something in this hue to your interior décor scheme? If not, it’s not too late – this gorgeous cushion will add a sweet pop of color and a rockin’ contemporary look to your home. Handmade by REW Homeware, it boasts four white tassels in each corner… perfect for infusing your day-to-day with massive fun. How would you feel seeing this on the couch when you walk into your living room? Fab, that’s how! :) Go on now, visit its description for full details.

Available from REWHomeware

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores