The Best Handmade Etsy Handbags And Purses Available Now

Etsy Handbags

We’ve selected the best Etsy bag listings, from handmade leather handbags to shoulder handbags, crossbody and tote handbags. Choose from a tiny purse or a large brown tote for your morning commute to a night out on the town, the following handmade handbags and purses will stand by you each time.

1. Goat Leather Handbag by KURTIK

Leather Bag

Let’s kick off our list with a fun and practical leather bag! You know the type: neutral in color (so it goes with ALL your outfits), compact format and appealing looks. Yes, this one’s for those of you who love having a trusty bag that can be used on any occasion. Throw it on for your Saturday morning walk or for your evening outing – it’ll look fabulous each and every time. Checkout Kurtik’s other handmade handbags, you won’t be disappointed!

Available from Etsy Store KURTIK

2. Elegant and Casual Felt Bag by Lefrac

2 Elegant and Casual Felt Bag

No need to do a double take, felt handbags are all the rage! This stunning tote bag is indeed made out of felt, a lightweight and durable material which makes it a cool and functional companion. Take it along for a stroll around the farmers’ market and fill it with fresh blooms and fruit, or use it to toss in your agenda and tablet on one of those rushed Monday mornings. Go, go, go! This felt bag will keep the pace. Take a look at more of their handbags by visiting their Etsy shop. 

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3. Ioli Yellow Handmade Bucket Bag by AnaKoutsi

Yellow Bucket Bag

Handbags come in all shapes and sizes, even buckets. So stop the search in the handmade bags and purses department: you’ve found your new, casual-chic going out bag! Straight in line with this season’s boho chic vibes, this bucket bag will be just the accessory you need to highlight your unique style. But don’t be fooled into thinking it only goes well with floor-length dresses and feminine prints. Thrown it on the shoulder even when you’re wearing a biker jacket, bluchers and a pair of mom jeans – it’ll look equally stylish. AnaKoutsi definitely knows how to make handbags.

Available from AnaKoutsi

4. Leather Clutch Purse by PandaUA

Leather Clutch Purse

Speaking of going out purses, you shouldn’t forget to add a small clutch to the handmade list. And here’s why: it’ll save you whenever you have to put together a more sophisticated look for your outing. Made out of recycled materials, this burgundy wrap around clutch will look wonderfully chic next to an emerald green mini dress. Or next to a black one, if you’re more of a classic soul. The options are endless – try it and see!

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5. Olive Green Distressed Leather Bag by VermutAtelier

Green Leather Handbag

And, finally! No handmade handbags and purses countdown would truly be complete without a large leather tote. The premium distressed leather gives the bag a matte green look, along with a rustic authentic feel. Don’t hesitate to count on this baby when heading out for work (your laptop and other necessities will fit in just fine) or for a walk around town – you never know when you need to carry some fresh new purchases… ;)

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