These 5 Amazing Hair Accessories Will Give You Life

Know what?

You may not think of hair accessories as the essential part of your life, wardrobe or jewelry box. And that’s TOTALLY understandable, since you haven’t seen this ridiculously dazzling selection just yet!

There’s a very fine line between a pretty, nice-to-look-at accessory and an impossibly chic, life-changing one. But guess what: all the pieces in our selection belong to the latter category.

Get excited, for below you’ll find a mesmerizing hair comb, a modern hair stick, a wooden hair clip, a floral headband and a set of butterfly clips. Oh, yes!

And each of them can single-handedly drive a lady’s accessory game straight into the stratosphere…

Better start thinking about what you’ll do with them or who you’ll gift them too, because you’ll want them ALL!

Let’s go:

1. Matte Rainbow Titanium Quartz Hair Comb by RichAndStrangeAus

1 Matte Rainbow Titanium Quartz Hair Comb

Isn’t this the craziest, coolest, most extravagant hair comb you’ve ever laid eyes on?

Yes it is!

Handmade by Australian based shop Rich & Strange, this comb shows off a stop-and-stare array of matte, rainbow-colored crystals, all neatly lined up in a row. This type of quartz is said to promote creativity and artistry, while also bringing along a fresh whiff of energy.

Needless to say, this is the perfect hair accessory to wear at a birthday party, a wedding or any other type of fun-filled celebration. It would make a superb gift, too! Visit the link above for more details.

Available from RichAndStrangeAus

2. Triangle Modern Hair Pin by MissCAlexandria

2 Triangle Modern Hair Pin

Hair sticks are the classic way of spicing up a hair style without even trying!

Perfect for gathering hair up in an orderly way, they’re also fun, versatile and suitable for virtually any occasion.

This particular hair stick comes from C. Alexandria, an artisan jewelry brand that focuses on handmade pieces with a distinguishable flair. The result? Accessories that blend minimalistic lines with ancient shapes. Always a delight!

And this product is no exception. Each hair stick is hand formed and hammered, so no two are quite alike. Check out the listing right now!

Available from MissCAlexandria

3. Wooden Hair Clip by BugAccessories

3 Wooden Hair Clip

What a stunner!

This sweet and polished hair clip comes from Bug Wooden Accessories, a shop which sees handcrafted wooden accessories as a link between people and the wild, beautiful nature.

And the results are jaw-dropping.

Just look at this wooden hair barrette: its timeless allure makes it a superb accessory for women of any age.

Simple, chic and totally irresistible, this clip was hand made out of the finest black and grey oak veneers and finished with a wax polish for a subtle sheen.

The ideal hair swag for a casual day spent around town. No fuss. Go see it via the link above.

Available from BugAccessories

4. Butterfly Hair Clips by rougepony

4 Butterfly hair clips

Delightful in its bohemian vibe, Rouge Pony is a brand that’s inspired by mythical creatures and landscapes. The accessories crafted by Rouge Pony include crowns, capes, collars and… these butterfly hair clips, of course!

This stunning set of bohemian clips contains 10 fabric butterflies, each prettier than the other! Each butterfly measure 8 cm in length.

Depending on taste and occasion, they can be worn all at once – for a full-blown magical effect – or in small sets – as the dreamy finishing touch to any outfit. Incredibly beautiful!

See their original listing via the link above.

Available from rougepony

5. Headband “Colors of Autumn” by MagaelaAccessories

5 headband colors of autumn

And finally: no hair accessories round-up would truly be complete without a fabulous headband!

So how about a STUNNING, autumn-themed one that can help you or a loved one greet the new season in style?

The headband comes from Magaela Accessories, a spectacular brand centered around feminine floral accessories. Fit for queens and princesses!

Case in point?

This superb floral headband which brings together cyclamen, dark blue, burgundy and green into a unique composition. It’s the only statement piece that can help a lady look stunning even as nature withers in preparation for the colder months ahead.

To make this piece yours, head to the link above and shop, shop, shop! :)

Available from MagaelaAccessories

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores