The Best Gloves & Mittens on Etsy (For Every Occasion!)

Never underestimate the power of a good pair of gloves or mittens!

Yes, you may think of them as the ultimate winter accessory, but they can be so much more than that.

Depending on type, material and style, a pair of gloves can become your forte when you’re out for a drive, when you’re practicing archery or on your wedding day.


You should be!

Start exploring Etsy’s coolest gloves and mittens below:

1. Multicolored Fingerless Gloves by RUKAMIshop

1 Multicolored Fingerless Gloves

How fun and jolly are these rainbow-colored gloves?


They are ideal for those chilly autumn days when you’d do anything for an extra layer of padding around your palms.

Put them on before taking your dog for a walk in the morning, before your take the kids to school or simply when you go shopping.

Such a chic accessory should be compulsory when spending time outside in cold climates!

The gloves are hand crocheted from quality acrylic yarn, which makes them soft and slightly elastic.

Sold? Head above to formalize the purchase. :)

Available from RUKAMIshop

2. Unisex Adult Reflective Mittens by PLUCKDDESIGNS

2 Unisex Adult Reflective Mittens

A pair of good mittens can become your best friends in the entire city!

Designed and handmade in London by Pluck’d Designs, these mittens are dedicated to the city dweller who appreciates warmth as much as… visibility.


Well, because they glow in the dark!

This is all thanks to the acrylic yarn being plied with reflective tape.

Ingenious, right?

Click the link above to see the listing and feel free to sneak peek around the shop if you’d like something similar, but fingerless. There is something for you in there! ;)

Available from PLUCKDDESIGNS

3. White Irish Lace Gloves by WoolenDream

3 White irish lace gloves


A superb choice for the nostalgic lady who values the added chicness that a pair of fine gloves can bring!

These stunning white lace gloves are hand crocheted out of 100% mercerized cotton yarn and feature an openwork pattern which is elegant and mysterious at the same time.

Needless to say, they would make an excellent accessory for a bridal look, a themed party or a fancy summer night.

Finally, know that WoolenDream is open to taking custom orders.

What are you waiting for?

Hop over to see the full listing!

Available from WoolenDream

4. Hot Chocolate Brown Fingerless Driving Gloves by OplichLeatherGoods

4 HOT CHOCOLATE brown fingerless driving gloves

These exquisite fingerless gloves are so stylish it hurts!

Put them on for a car ride into the wilderness or keep them on in an urban landscape when snapping photos with your camera.

Designed and handmade by Oplich Leather Goods out of super soft natural lamb leather and cotton, they are the type of accessory you simply need to own this fall.

Oh, and they can be ordered to perfectly fit your hands! Simply follow the measuring instructions on their listing page.

With these gloves in your pocket, you’ll actually be waiting for the cold autumn days to come around. :)

Available from OplichLeatherGoods

5. Leather Archery Glove by GOLDleather

5 Leather Archery Glove

This fine, fine leather archery glove is a must have for amateur competitions and for medieval/renaissance role play.

Entirely handmade, it is one of the best products of its type on the market.

And what’s more? It can be customized to suit your taste in color and embellishment. The glove is available in more colors than one (red, green, brown) and can be personalized with a small design on the back. Just contact the seller with your request.

Sounds good?

Head to the link above to shop.

Available from GOLDleather

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores


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