Etsy Branding – Understand Your Branding Message

Always pondering what makes some Etsy shops stand out? Why some have more success than others? Or how they manage to attract the right customers for them? Well, it all boils down to one sweet word: branding.

It may sound ambitious, but it’s quite easy to figure out. Your branding roadmap, below:

Here’s how to easily brand your Etsy shop… Get a pen and pencil and start writing down the answers to these questions:

1. Internal Input: Figure Out YOUR Story

It starts with you. Think about why you started, what motivates you to create and what makes your creations stand out.

– Why are you doing what you’re doing?

– Why are you selling what you’re selling?

– How do your products stand out in an oversaturated marketplace? In other words, what is their unique selling proposition (USP)?

2. External Input: Figure Out THEIR Story

“They” are your clients. Spend a few minutes to answer these questions:

– Who are they? (Age, profession, hobbies, preferences etc.)

– Why are they interested in your product?

– What needs and wants do they have that your product could solve?

3. Merge!

Package everything you’ve uncovered about yourself and your clients into a single, immersive and cohesive story.

How? Write down sentences, phrases or strings of adjectives that characterize it, based on what you’ve learned. Examples: “sleek, airy and modern” or “quirky, colorful and fun” or “contemporary and practical bags for the elegant and spirited businesswoman”.

Now you’re finally ready to create your brand identity!

As you head into this process, keep your defining characteristics in mind. Make sure that your logo, your banner and even the tone in your product descriptions follow closely. You should even transition the same vibe into the aesthetic of your presentation photos or the look of your social media feeds. And remember: a cohesive brand is a strong brand.

Good luck!