5 Bathroom Accessories That Are Cuter Than A Kitten

Bathrooms are, more often than not, the ONLY places where we can distance ourselves from the outside world and enjoy some peace and quiet by ourselves.

(Bubble bath, anyone?)

So it only makes sense that we are extra picky when it comes to choosing accessories and décor for that desirable, relaxing atmosphere.

Natural materials, subdued colors and innovative shapes are some of the easiest tricks to spice up your bathroom, without spending too much in the process.

Which is precisely where today’s round-up comes in: the following Etsy bathroom accessories are irresistibly cute… arguably even more so than a fluffy kitten!

Yes, we just said that. :)

Take a look for yourself:

1. SPA Linen Organic Exfoliating Back Scrubber by LinuPoga

1 SPA Linen Organic Exfoliating Back Scrubber

This back scrubber made only from natural fibers, like linen and flax, is a must-have accessory in your bathroom! It will revitalize your skin and give you a refreshing feel – isn’t that just the best sensation in the entire world? You’ll love using this both during a quick shower and during a spa-like bath thanks to the impressive properties of linen. Linen is an ecological material that dampens and dries very easily, making it perfect for warming your body on cold nights and cooling it down on hot days. Sounds soothing already! Click above for more details about the product.

Available from LinuPoga

2. Wooden Wall Hooks by Utology

2 Wooden Wall Hooks

A superb addition to any bathroom, this trio of minimalistic wall hooks give functionality a sleek look. They are made from ash wood and come in either a natural or a scorched (blackened with a blow torch) finish. Needless to say, they look super chic when mixed together. You’ll almost feel bad for covering them up with towels! ;) Head to the link above to discover the pairing options.

Available from Utology

3. SLOPE – Concrete Soap Holder/Dish by INSEKDESIGN

4 Waxed linen complete kit zipper POUCHes

Quite possibly the coolest soap holder in the history of soap holders! Named SLOPE, this remarkable concrete soap holder is designed and created by IN.SEK, a Brooklyn-based company dedicated to spanning the space between art and architecture. And does their mission show in their work! The product is designed to allow water to run straight off its surface and into the sink, thus prolonging the life of your soap bar. How awesome is that? Check it out via the link above!

Available from INSEKDESIGN

4. Waxed Linen Complete Kit Zipper Pouches by mandulis


Always struggling when it comes to storing makeup or other trinkets in your bathroom? Why not go for these two pouches and transform them into your go-to place for finding everything you need? The pouches are hand crafted using waxed linen made in Tuscany and are shaped like a T, their generous base allowing for some serious extra space. On the outside, they’re each decorated with a small lanyard and a captive wooden ball. As for the colors, you can opt between natural or turquoise. Which one will it be? Visit the link above to make up your mind. :)

Available from mandulis

5. Bathroom Storage Basket by DollySheep

5 Bathroom storage basket

Another fabulous choice for a bathroom accessory, this basket made from recycled T-shirt yarn is as good as it gets. Its neutral color and softness will add a cozy touch to your space. You can use it to store cosmetic products or hairbrushes on a regular basis, but you can also choose to fill it with fun little knick-knacks for your guests – they’ll feel at home right away. Either way, you must definitely go see its listing. Link’s above!

Available from DollySheep

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores