Daily Hunt

On the list for today: housewares, a felt mini garden and a little something for both him and her. Discover each and every one of these below:

1. Porcelain Lafayette Vase by PennySpoonerCeramics

1 Porcelain Lafayette Vase

This handmade porcelain vase is available in five pastel color-ways, one more charming than the next. Best suited as a single flower vase, it’ll make your stem of choice look even prettier than usual.

Available from PennySpoonerCeramics

2. Hand Carved Walnut Wood Spoon by theredbirdshop

2 Hand Carved Walnut Wood Spoon

Perfect for stirring, tasting and serving, this hand carved spoon is a must-have for any dedicated cook. Made entirely of walnut.

Available from theredbirdshop

3. Felt Fabric Vegetable Garden by Florfanka

3 Felt Fabric Vegetable Garden Play Set

Halfway between fun and educational, this adorable felt garden is ideal for the (very) young aspiring gardener! :) The ways to play are unlimited – a street market vendor, a dedicate cook or a passionate botanist, who knows… Leave it to the kid to take make belief to another level!

Available from Florfanka

4. Jetty Earring by RebeccaGladstone

4 Jetty earring

Minimal, yet bold, these earrings can make a statement no matter the time of day – whether you’re at a soiree or out doing grocery shopping, they’ll make your look stand out from the crowd.

Available from RebeccaGladstone

5. Wooden Headphones by Woodniels

5 Wooden headphone

Whoa! Who would’ve thought that headphones could also be made out of wood? Skillfully handmade after a streamlined design and boasting an impeccable finish, this headset is perfect for any music lover. ;)

Available from Woodniels

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores