Daily Hunt

From handmade leather pouches to romantic-colored mason jars and even a stuffed toy for kids, this selection of handmade goodies is sure to strike a chord with you. That’s the appeal of perfect looking, yet totally practical items, after all. Dive right in:

1. Pint Mason Jars by TheShabbyChicWedding

01 pint mason jars

This cute set of hand painted mason jars is perfect not only for a wedding setting, but also for your home. Fill them with flowers, crayons or other knick-knacks – they’ll look pretty no matter what you throw in them. Simply beautiful :)

Available from TheShabbyChicWedding

2. LOIC The Fox Stuffed Toy by LESNE

02 loic the fox

Try as you might, you can’t look away from this cute fox toy. Not only is it sweet enough to appeal to children, it’s also full of small details that keep adults staring as well. Just look at those heart-stamped paws, chic scarf and adorable black and white print! So adorable!

Available from LESNE

3. Paris Notebook by TheParisPrintShop

03 paris notebook

Whether you’ve already been to Paris or not, this cute little notebook will surely make you dream with your eyes W I D E open. Perfect for keeping track of secret (or not so secret) wishes, goals, ideas…

Available from TheParisPrintShop

4. JACKIE Black Leather Clutch With Wrist Strap by GiftShopBrooklyn

04 jackie clutch

Who said clutches can only be rectangular? This pretty clutch has a unique triangle shape that stands out all by itself – and this is just what the ideal accessory should do. Stepping out of the ordinary just became easier.

Available from GiftShopBrooklyn

5. Today is the Day Pink & Gold Foil Pencil by BisforBonnie

2013 Shay Cochrane

These superb pink pencils will remind you to seize the moment every time you look at them. Motivational quotes are nothing if you can’t conveniently gaze at them, right? Well, these pencils solve that problem every time you pick one up and start planning out your day.

Available from BisforBonnie

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores