Daily Hunt

Designed to make your life easier, these useful handmade items are a sight for sore eyes. Discover all the win-win solutions below:

1. Swiss02 Copper Magazine Rack by ZanaProducts

01 Swiss02 Copper Magazine Rack

If you love infusing your home with contemporary designs, then a copper magazine rack could be exactly what you’re missing. Not much else to add here: it’s so gorgeous it practically sells itself.

Available from ZanaProducts

2. Set of 2 Pot Holders by BoHelina

02 Set of 2 Pot holders

Pot holders are the one kitchen-related item that always falls somewhere at the bottom of the priority list. However, this set is here to challenge the status quo. Their quilted rain drops and overall adorable shape will have you reaching for them more times that you though possible.

Available from BoHelina

3. Mady Small Lilac Bag by goldenponies

03 Mady Small Lilac Bag

What a cutie! With its lilac multicolor glitter vinyl finish, this bag is destined for greatness. And so are you, if you dare to wear it. Don’t be afraid and let it stand out by pairing it with an all-white minimalistic outfit.

Available from goldenponies

4. Pegboard by girlwithbeads

04 Pegboard blackboard

Ah, pegboards! This old-school storage system may bring back nostalgia, but its cool finish propels it right back into our modern world. Available in white, unpainted or blackboard finishes. Hmm, which one to pick?

Available from girlwithbeads

5. Tub Caddy by BlisscraftandBrazen

05 tub caddy

There’s nothing like soaking in the bathtub while enjoying a glass of good wine or reading a book. Except, finding a spot for them can be quite tricky. If you’ve faced this dilemma before then here’s a life-saving solution: a custom handmade and eco-friendly tub caddy. You already feel relaxed, don’t you?

Available from BlisscraftandBrazen

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores